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Spin-my-Blog, a new speech-to-blog service

Spin-my-Blog, a new speech-to-blog service

Typing or texting a blog entry is all very well, but there’s nothing like the speed or simplicity of the spoken word, particularly when you’re not near a keyboard or can’t be bothered to fiddle with a tiny keypad, txt speak, and message limits.

Spin-my-Blog, a new service from UK company SpinVox allows anyone with access to a phone to call a dedicated telephone number associated with their blog, speak what they want to appear in a blog entry, and then have it posted to their blog within minutes.

It sounds like a great service in principle, though accuracy and security are two major considerations, particularly when you can’t see your blog or know who might be trying to access it.

Earlier today, over at Tech Digest, I interviewed Daniel Doulton, co-founder and VP of Marketing, Strategy and Development at SpinVox. The main points he raised were:

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  • The current base of 130,000 users rate the service with 97% accuracy, plus the system constantly learns.
  • The system was designed specifically to cope with calls from noisy environments.
  • Though there’s no visual feedback (unless you log on and check your blog for yourself) the service will text your mobile if it can’t convert the message.
  • The service is protected by a PIN, which only the registered owner and anyone they choose to give it to knows.
  • The system currently supports Vox, Blogger, and LiveJournal, with support for others coming in the future.

Daniel says that the trial has been going well, with positive feedback from around the globe. Though only a UK service at present, I’m sure it will roll out to other countries in time.

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  • I have friends who write in their blogs using voice recognition software, but this sounds really exciting. Talk about instant communication. I talk, my blog publishes. Wow.

  • I have tested it out on the website and I must say…it is very impressive. The conversions are amazing. I also looked at the other products and they are so useful. I cant wait to start using this service.

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