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Spin-my-Blog service now available to 12 million LiveJournal bloggers

Spin-my-Blog service now available to 12 million LiveJournal bloggers

SpinVox, creators of Spin-My-Blog, the text-to-speech service we looked at in February, has just announced a deal with Six Apart that will allow all 12 million LiveJournal bloggers to post directly to their journals simply by making a phone call and speaking their blog entry.

“Speaking is the easiest and most natural way to convey great ideas, thoughts or moments.” commented Christina Domecq, co-founder and CEO, SpinVox. “Sharing is also a natural impulse. By connecting the two simply and directly, we’re enabling people to share their life experiences in the most natural way. The voice-powered blogosphere is now available from any phone, anywhere.”

Spin-my-Blog has already been used in a number of real-world blogging applications, including Shiny Media’s 3GSM coverage on Vox, and for a Mothers Day event hosted by a UK radio station.

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The service is live in the US and UK from today.

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  • That is actually pretty damn cool.

    On the other hand, it’ll be interesting how it takes off, as you might think that bloggers are the kind of folk who like typing things out anyway.

    But we’ll have to see, I guess.


  • Wow, that’s a blast.

    Everybody who likes fast responding without hammering on a tiny keyboard has a turn now and everywhere. Thank mobile, you are always online,
    arn’t you?


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