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Splashpress Buys Business Logs

Splashpress Buys Business Logs

Splashpress Media, the owners of the Blog Herald, have bought another major asset in blogosphere-, the renowned personal blog of 9rules’ Mike Rundle. Neither party is disclosing the amount paid. This comes hot on the heels of two sizeable acquistions by Splashpress, as reported here at the Blog Herald by David KrugPerformancing and Tubetorial.

Business Logs was listed recently on Sitepoint with this description-:

Business Logs launched May 2004 and was one of the first blog-focused design firms in the world. The blog has been our main focus of the site since then, and our articles about business and technology have been linked from,, Boing Boing,, Digg (many times), with many articles translated into additional languages. As a design firm, our work has been featured at Stylegala, CSS Vault, CSS Beauty, PlasticPilots,, as well as in books like “The Zen of CSS Design” by Dave Shea, “Web Standards Solutions” by Dan Cederholm, and most recently “CSS Mastery” by Andy Budd. Business Logs was also nominated for 2005 Best Blog of the Year at the 2005 SXSW Interactive Festival, and our work on won that site 2006 Best Community of the Year at the 2006 SXSW Interactive Festival.

Because of various connections throughout the design community and high Google placement for Web 2.0 keywords, Business Logs receives 15-20 requests for new client work each month through our on-site contact form. Companies who have contacted us via our website include the Christian Science Monitor,,, Mozilla, Microsoft, many well-known Web 2.0 startups, and many more.

Mike Rundle, arguably the most prestigious blog designer around, goes into more personal reasons for the sale in a post on Business Logs-:

Since the inception of 9rules back a few SXSW festivals ago, my goal was to work on it full-time or nearly full-time as soon as it was possible. Over the past several months I’ve been slowly transitioning out of client work and doing more 9rules-related activities, and now I feel that selling Business Logs is the last piece of the puzzle that will allow me to do what I’ve always wanted.

To be honest, there’s another reason I’m selling the site and it’s that I’m burnt out with the Web 2.0 industry, or more specifically, writing about the Web 2.0 industry. For awhile I’ve felt that a lot of companies lack that “oomph” that will push them over the top, and instead of constantly being the devil’s advocate and harping on them, I want to spend more time putting my money where my mouth is and making sure that 9rules is a success. Talking through a new section of 9rules with Paul and Tyme is 100x more rewarding than writing a blog entry on venture capital, so that’s where my focus is going to go.

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What’s Next?

Lots of fun 9rules stuff. Oh yeah, and a wedding to pay for. Did I not mention that at the beginning? :)

Splashpress haven’t announced any specific plans for the site yet, although Mike Rundle has confirmed that he will be staying on for three months, posting as usual, and helping out with the transition- including doing a new design!

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