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Splashpress Media Acquires Devlounge

Splashpress Media Acquires Devlounge

Adding to its recent string of acquisitions, Splashpress Media has announced that it has bought design-oriented community site Devlounge. In an announcement by Thord Daniel Hedengren, he says he will be coming onboard to manage Devlounge, but he doesn’t expect any drastic changes anytime soon.

We’re happy with Devlounge and won’t be making any crazy changes. We’ll go on as it always has, and see where we can up the speed, as well as trying to figure out what’s the next step for the site. Naturally, we’ll involve our readers in all of this, so there’ll be no drastic changes all of the sudden. The readers are the most important part of a blog, and that goes for Devlounge as well. So let us know what you think, if you have any suggestions and so on. We want to know!

One thing we’ll do for sure is to continue the tradition of Friday Focus, which is celebrating one year today, with AJ at the helm as long as he likes. We’ll also try to release some new WordPress themes, joining the excellent ones available. Those will get a 2.3 update as well, with added tag support – most likely we’ll have two versions there, we’ll see. Also, a few other planned surprises in this area, all in line with what Devlounge’s done so far.

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  • I used to spend hours on Devlounge a long time ago, it was one of the most interesting web sites to visit for a programmer-to-be, like I was back then.

    I forgot about it, but when I saw your post, I remembered everything. :)

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