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Splashpress Media Acquires ‘The Freelance Writing Jobs Network’

Splashpress Media Acquires ‘The Freelance Writing Jobs Network’

In five years only Deborah Ng has grown The Freelance Writing Jobs Network from scratch to one of the most important and powerful communities for freelance online authors. Deborah, @Debng, announced today that Splashpress Media, owner of this publication as well, has acquired The Freelance Writing Jobs Network.

As Splashpress Media CEO I feel honoured that we will be able to follow in Deb’s footsteps and nobody else than Susan Gunelius will lead FWJ as Managing Editor. Splashpress Media is happy to have been chosen from the pool of bidders and will continue the site in the same spirit and with the same values Deb has built the site on:

Why Splashpress Media?
When I decided to sell FWJ I received a half dozen offers and the one from Splashpress Media wasn’t the highest. However, in selling I had three concerns and Splashpress was the only potential buyer who addressed these three concerns and promised FWJ wouldn’t languish or lose the message and image we worked so hard to maintain throughout the past five years.
My three concerns:


What would happen to FWJ if I sold? Would it sit, neglected, growing tall weeds like some old, abandoned home? Would it become a haven for dollar jobs and spammers? I don’t think I can bear to watch that happen. The people at Splashpress promised they would continue FWJ’s mission and help writers to succeed and find work. They’ll continue to post the best gigs and offer top notch advice. To ensure this will happen, my friend, copywriter and published author Susan Gunelius, is coming on as Managing Editor. I’m confident FWJ will grow beyond even my wildest dreams with Susan at the helm.


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The last thing I wanted was for Splashpress to pull some sort of b5media deal where all the bloggers were kicked out of their blogs and their hard work locked up and taken away. They care about FWJ as much as I do and I wanted them to be treated with dignity. I’m happy to tell you that Splashpress has agreed to continue to allow most of the FWJ bloggers to maintain their blogs. However, some of the bloggers have decided to move on with me. You’ll see a mix of old and new faces here in the upcoming weeks, and I hope you’ll continue to be a sharing and giving community. This is an exciting change, but it’s going to change for the better.


That’s you. I wanted to make sure you all still had a place to go for quality leads and advice. Anyone can start a writing blog, but not everyone has the experience and to help you land gigs or the talent to help you get where you’re going in a respectful manner. I think you’ll enjoy the new FWJ! Under Susan’s and Splashpress’ care, FWJ will grow bigger than ever.

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    • Steven,

      Long time ago you checked ForeverGeek, AppleGazette and BloggingPro? Or even here at The Blog Herald since several weeks again?

      Many changes have happened over the past months but we did not announce anything, we just went ahead and did.

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