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Squarespace Courts iPad, Ponders Android App

Squarespace Courts iPad, Ponders Android App

After flirting with the idea of an iPad app, it looks as if the boys and girls at Squarespace have finally decided to develop an official app upon Steve Jobs “greatest creation.”

As far as Android goes however, the company is still giving the standard “we’re thinking about it” reply.

iPad App: This is a big one, and we get a lot of requests for it. The app is in development right now, but we don’t have a solid date for you. Once we have something more concrete, we’ll share.

Android App: Another big one. This one isn’t quite on the roadmap just yet, but we see a lot of support for it, so we’re kicking the idea around and determining how best to get our look and feel onto this platform as we have on the iPhone. (Official Squarespace Blog)

While an iPad app should help the blog platform compete against the official WordPress iPad app, Squarespace’s lack of commitment could force even more users to defect to WP over the former’s absence upon the Android market.

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As far as the iPhone goes, Squarespace is also promising to add some new features to the app which include “Text, HTML, Markdown, and Textile editing,” features currently lacking in the WordPress iPhone app.

Although it’s good to see Squarespace finally take the iPad seriously, hopefully the company will consider other mobile alternatives (like the Blackberry and Nokia smartphones) as their lack of presence could regulate the platform to the “niche department.”

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