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Squarespace Losing Bloggers Over Lack Of Android App?

Squarespace Losing Bloggers Over Lack Of Android App?

Ever since Squarespace released an iPhone app to the masses, bloggers have been wondering whether the company would release apps upon other smartphone devices like Android (not to mention Blackberry as well).

Despite the advances of Google’s mobile OS, Squarespace has viewed Android as second rate when compared against Apple’s mighty iPhone, despite the fact that WordPress has created a powerful Android app that rivals WP for iPhone (not to mention Squarespace as well).

With demand for a Squarespace Android app increasing, it looks like some users are having second thoughts about migrating upon the platform and instead looking at WordPress as a decent alternative.

Come on. It looks like WordPress and TypePad will have the 3 SmartPhone successes covered with an app and you should too. That was and is the only reason I’d hesitate to buy the account when the 14 day demo expires. (Paul Rubin)

I have to add my hat into voting for an Android App. I’m on a Sprint HTC Hero, and upgrading to a N1, but I’m coming from Blogger and more than likely going to WordPress for no other reason than the fact that WP has an Android App (Dustin Cromwell)

And another vote, wordpress has a really nice app for android.. I am leaning… PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MYSELF! (Dan)

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Squarespace has yet to comment on whether they will create an Android app, as thus far user pleas have fallen upon deaf ears.

To agitate Android fans even more, Squarespace is pondering an iPad app to compliment their iCreation, which  may suggest that they are not even giving Android a second thought.

While the lack of a presence upon Google’s OS may hurt Squarespace in the long run (especially now that Android sales have surpassed the mighty iPhone), their absence could benefit WordPress who has not only embraced the iPhone and Android, but Blackberry and Nokia devices as well.

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