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STATS: Half of Singapore’s Youth Blog

STATS: Half of Singapore’s Youth Blog

Half of 15-19 year olds in Singapore are blogging or podcasting. According to the study:

Self-expression and peer pressure are given as the biggest reasons for the popularity of blogging among youths.

The numbers could continue climbing, if social trends continue to support the pastime and blogging becomes a de-facto medium of communication among teens, said Ang Peng Hwa, dean of Nanyang Technological University’s school of communication and information.

This proportion drops as the age demographic changes, obviously. With all of the kerfuffle around people breaking up by text message — it was a local piece of news in Toronto, since Kevin Federline was in town, and reportedly heard about his divorce through a blackberry text message — one wonders if breaking up through blogging is next. And if it is — if anyone in Singapore has already done it! (or through MySpace for that matter, or CyWorld, or whatever kids over there use)

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Out of interest, I did find blogging stats in Canada; in approximately the same demographic, the same percentage read blogs, but only a quarter write their own blogs. I guess we have a ways to go then, huh, Jessica? :)

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  • Tony… I had no idea you asked me a question. I’m having some issues at my blog about pinging and/or trackbacks.

    I cannot believe that peer pressure is reason for teens to blog?!@#$ When I was growing up it was just “wanna smoke?”

    I guess it’s “Wanna link?” now ;)

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