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Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, dies at the hand of a Stingray

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, dies at the hand of a Stingray

Steve Irwin, the famed Aussie known as the “Crocodile Hunter”, died today off the coast of Australia due to what appears to have been a Stingray barb through the chest.

Duncan has the story:

I’€™m sure I’€™ll be joining many Australian’€™s today in sending my heartfelt condolences to his family. For all his annoying attributes, Steve Irwn was a trooper, a man who stood by his convictions and truly built a name for him. He may not have been perfect, but he will be remembered as a man others can only aspire to be, for in his celebrity he continued to remain a true Australian, one who remained humble despite the trappings of fame, and remained loyal to our nation.

In the end, it’s about remaining true to who you are.. Steve Irwin never lost sight of that.

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  • Hi i am only a 12 year old girl and im so sad what happened im sending messages around to my friends. Only 1 hour ago he died he has a 3 year old boy and a 6 year old girl and a wife. Im so upset that im crying, he was my inspiration when i first went to hes Australian Zoo in 2003 i loved animals so much before but even more after i went to hes zoo. If you can please tell me anything else email me at [email protected] i am so upset!! im so shocked.

  • As sad as it is, I don’t think it is that great of a loss to Australia as a whole. He wasn’t a ‘true aussie’ as such, he is an ignorant jerk. Although I do feel deeply for his wife and children, it’s awful that a family should loose a father at all, let alone when the children are so young. I hope he doesn’t get a state funeral, he was simply a good entpreneur, nothing much more.

  • Fortunately, that’s where you’re very wrong indeed! Steve Irwin will not only be missed by Australia, but the whole world for a long time to come..if you wanna know the meaning of ‘Ignorant Jerk’ go find a mirror and take a long, hard look into it!

  • I have to agree with Tayla and Darren. I think Steve has given us so much inspiration regarding the animal world, he taught us to respect all animals, no matter how large or small. He died doing what he enjoyed most. He will be sadly missed by all, and my sympathy goes out to his father,wife and children, that have all supported him, and helped him educate the young and old a like!!
    R.I.P Steve.xxxx

  • I just read the horrible news about Steve Irwin. I’m still in shock. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family. Steve has given so much of himself to what he believed. He taught all of us to give respect to animals. I really enjoyed watching the Crocodile Hunter shows and the movie. There are so many things that I learned from the program. Even though he died while doing what he loved most, he will be very sadly missed by everyone. It isn’t often that a person lives as he believes. He taught us that we should be true to ourselves. Thank you Steve for entertaining us while educating us. May you rest in peace.

  • how could you even say he was an ignorant jerk, he was a ledgend, he was funny, and i think he is deeply missed- still cant belive you called him a jerk- =[

  • Steve Irwin exuded JOY! He will be greatly missed. My 10 year old is in tears as is her friend and neighbor. They are writing notes to mail to Terri and the children now. The girls love animals. Steve taught them that. (they even love snakes- much to my own dismay) My 21 year old got the news from her fiance. Steve has had an impact on two generations of children and on the parents that go with them. It has been fun watching Steve over the years, and watching his family grow. Here was a man who loved with every fibre of his being. He was so refreshing to see. You could not watch one of his shows without coming away enthused for the same things that enthused him. I still may not want a snake as a pet in my own family, but I sure do have a much greater appreciation for them because of Steve. That goes for the crocs too, and the many animals from Australia that are so foreign to us here in the USA. He came to the USA and taught us about many of our unusual animals. No one will ever be able to replace Steve. He was a unique and wonderful teacher and wildlife conservationist. Thankyou Steve for all your energy, insight and heartfelt enthusiasm. May all you have acomplished continue to be a blessing to the world.
    Mom of 5 and grandmom of 1….so far.

  • Steve once talked about a group of big cats – known as a PRIDE of lions…

    Steve was PRIDE itself.

    He gave a voice to species that have none.

    He will be missed and may his days be rewarded in the afterlife.

    God Bless you mate
    You did everything you immersed yourself within – proud.


  • I do not like his show. BUT I will be forever be indebted to the joy that he has brought to my son and daughter who loves him. Crocodile hunting will never be the same.

  • I am soooooooooooo sad. I cant believe that the most famous crocodile died. some people in aus. thought that he was a joke. but hes not, hes a legend. He will be remebered forever. We love you Steve and we will always remeber you. I loved his shows and i am only 12. I liked how he played with the animals. Steve we will always remeber you.
    xoxoxox Steve

  • My son Daniel and I, watch the “crocodile hunter”, Steve Irwin, and his extended Australian zoo, “family and friends”, religously. We are heartbroked, to say the least, over his untimely death. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, (immediate, as well as the australian zoo community). The program has, (and we are sure will continue), to teach us both, so much about nature, and the great and wonderous adventures we are all able to see, when we can not be in that moment in time, about animals and nature in general. My son, who starts school for the first time tomorrow, wonders, if other children in the world, as well as him, will be as sad as he, due to “our” crocodile hunter, dying today off the coast of Australia. This is a sad, sad day for all of us, who schedule our days, and “learning times”, around the program. God Bless you all!

  • i have just read and herd about steve of when he got killed by the stingray by just filming his show i would watch his show everyday of when it came on animal planet steve touhgt me weel on crocodiles and snakes but have been wondering of how come he wasn’t on tv any more from yesterday was stingray killed him.
    i miss watching his show because every time i would go see what my brother is watching or what he is doing and then i see that he is watching the Crocodile Hunter! well teri good luck on every thing and i miss watching his show very much and maybe you can be on steve’s show somedayand i wish right know that he was still alieve right about.

    steve’s #1 fan
    samantha dawn purdy

  • Steve Irwin brought education about animals and pride of environmentalism and conservation forward for anyone and everyone to experience. What a noble and honorable man he was and will forever be. He will missed not just be people from his country, but by the whole as a whole. He gave so much to us all and the animals he educated us all about. What a tremendous gift he has left. To his family and the whole Australian Zoo Organization our prays are with and hearts go out to you all. The world today lost a true cruesator, who was bridge between the human and the animal worlds. Steve irwin you will be missed, but not forgotten.

  • Steve Irwin was a legend! He was a real life SUPER MAN and anyone that would say anything negative about one of the few positive role models our children and in my case grandchildren is not only a jerk but somelse as well.

    Steve and Terry Irwin are one of the few people on this earth concerned with preserving the the future of the animals on this planet Harry what have you done?

    God bless you Terry Irwin I know the kind of wife you are and God made you for Steve! I know you will pick up the torch, but only after you pick up yourself after suffering such a devistating loss! His legacy will live on through you and those two beautiful children.

    Be strong as you are beautiful and the Good Lord will give you the strength.

    Vickie B
    Covington, Georgia
    United STates of America

  • My condolence to Irwin’s families.

    He’s my mentor,tutor,hero. it’s a tragic loss. not many people like steve. First time i saw him on TV,i was talk to my self ” is that guy crazy or something playing with wild animals” but i like him.he show respect to animal. i was shock when i saw him holding his daughter while he feed’s the croc. and dont say he was ” IGNORANT JERK” again JAKE. he was truly hero,great man. Loving father. great husband.

    My self and my wife will miss you STEVE’O.
    “CROCK RULE ” steve….!!!

    Aditya Veda

  • I feel like I can’t breathe. When I heard Steve was dead, my heart skipped a beat and I knew it was a sad, sad day. I’ve loved Steve and his family since they first aired.

    I’ve read a few people comparing Steve Irwin to Timothy Tredwell and it is ridiculous. Steve Irwin did so much for the wildlife and world, some of which won’t be realized until later. There is work being done with croc blood, venom and other animal secretions that are saving humans. His conservation efforts have helped hundreds of almost extinct animals and reptiles make a comeback. I consider him one of the people I would have most like to have met and definately one of my heroes.

    I hate to say this but I didn’t cry when the attacks on the world trade center happened, not that it didn’t hurt my heart, but I did shed a few croc tears today. He was a great larger than life person and his family will miss him more than anyone will ever know.

    My family and I will miss him greatly and hope with all of our hearts that all the work he did will not be put aside.

    Please Terri, Bindi, Bob and all of Australia Zoo continue his marvelous work and make this world a better place for wildlife as he did with all of you in his heart always.

    Much Love,


  • Steve will be missed, how many times have we seen him put his life on the line to relocate animals that were a danger to the people in the area he was removing them from. How many human lives did he help perserve by doing what he loved?
    Keep his family and friends in prayer at this trying time.

  • my name is ariana steve was not a jerk he was the only reson i watched animal planet he kept it exciting the last episode i saw is when he broke his pinkybut he put it back in place any way im just sating he was so coolllllllllll and im sorry for your lost terri it might be bad to be in your place right now well at least we all know that he is in heavn probly wrestiling a hole bunch crocs and again im so sorry about your lost oh and im 11 years old.

  • ariana again i just forgot that the croc hunter is all i watch i have the movie he made and even though it might be painful to watch i would like to see that last episode that he made but rest in peace steve irwin you rock from ariana crocs rock

  • It is a very sad day for everyone who knew the crocodile hunter. The Ass who calls him a jerk is not much of a human being. Everyone is intitled to their opinion i guess. look in the mirrow before you pass judgement. I am a Canadian and my kids and I watched Steve all the time. He will be sadly missed not just by his family but also by his friends. Yes he was wild, but at least he did what he loved and he made learning so much more easier for kids AND adults. RIP steveo, we’ll miss you. Take care Terri

  • I want to express my love for the guy. I did not meet him personally but he was a lovely bloke who lived his life in a positive way. He was just swimming in the ocean for goodness sake – he did not deserve to go like that. Crikey mate, you were the best. I’m sorry that bloody stingray got you. God bless you forever and your family. I will not forget about you. Glenn from Canada.

  • i relly liked you steve irwn and i think your cool beacause you wrestled crocodiles and looked afer the wildlife. Its a shame to see suched a loved icon of australia lose his life by a stingy

  • Monday was THE worst day. I was on my computer when I learned of the death of
    Steve. It absolutely make me sick and brought tears to my eyes instantly. I told the news to my daughter (age 32) and she had the same reaction. My 4 yr old grandson has grown up watching Steve, and wanted us to read the news clips to him and wants to watch every video clip I find, he’s heartbroken over it. At the age of 4 he has a hard time expressing his true feelings but we , as his family, know how he feels because we all feel it. Steve’o we will miss you forever, but will never forget you. You have been an inspiration to the whole world, and you will be sadly missed by all. Terri our hearts go out to you and your family, but we also know that Steve will remain in your heart forever alive. Love your babies and remind them often that their Daddy loved them as well, and God will take care of the rest. Just wanted to say byee Steve’oand may you rest in peace. Rita from Missouri

  • His endearing love for both animals and the human race…trying to teach us of the dynamics of human / animal interaction…his eduring battle for conservation..all this will be sadly missed. He loved his family, his life, his creatures big and small, and had great fun in teaching and entertaining the world….what a great way to live! Peace to you, Steve.

    From an American fan.

  • steve irwin a man of many things great things the way he cared so much about the wildlife and the environment is just amazing he inspired so many people it is just such a shame to see such an australian legend an aussie icon just go. no one can ever imagion wat there family is going through all i can say to them is that i send all my love and the best for his family we all loved you steve see ya mate

  • I would say Steve’s accomplishments speak for themselvs. But on the other hand what he left behind in no way can ever make up for his contribution to the world. First and most important he was a father and a husband. That is more important than all his fame. He was only 44 years old; this is a complete tragedy for his family. As a new father myself (daughter 2 years old) I cannot think of anything that is worth risking my life. Steve was an avid risk taker, he new the dangers of what he was doing. I heard on the news (and I say this loosely, he had a commentary before this adventure in which he explained the dangers of this dive. From what I understand he went as far as explaining how dangerous this expedition was even for professionals) with this being said it seems as though he knew the risks. Knowing the risks I believe he put he stardom and drive before his family. Never the less he has definitely contributed to the world, but at what expense, his family. He has lost his life at the young age of 44, this is a tragedy. It is definitely as loss to the world but more importantly to his family. I believe the biggest loss is to his children and wife.

    May God be with them,

    Love Anonymous

  • hes a great man of sought he should be counted like the martin luther king of this world its better to die for what you know how to do most to dying foolishly or to die like an hero to dying like a coward

  • ok just one thing bothering me, how can Mr Irwin claim to be a greenie when he has a advertising contract with Toyota?, motor vehicles are dystroying our air and land fact.
    Promoting tourism also is not green, i have witnessed first hand the damage done by the traffic of overseas and local tourists eg ayers rock, daintree, barier reef etc,
    its seems Mr Irwin was realy just in the business of making a buck at the expense of the Australian enviroment.

  • What an emptiness the Irwin family must feel at this moment. My thoughts go out to Terri, Bindi and Bob and the rest of the family. He will live on through his two gorgeous children. May he rest in peace.

  • Steve – A Legend – WAFTAM’s like David Sep 6 5:57am needs to go on a holiday & chill. I know a quiet creek in the Gulf with a tent site right near the water he would appreciate. Mr Irwin’s “buck making” went back into wildlife & environment saving – even down here in Tas his great interest in wiildlife is appreciated.
    God Bless

  • Actually, having a contract deal with Toyota makes sense from a green perspective. Yes, they’re still cars, but Toyota is leading the switch to hybrids and that’s a good start. I enjoyed Irwin over the years, and his death is very sad thing for his family and his zoo.

    As for the tourism thing, it’s a Catch-22; more tourism means more money to help protect sensitive environmental areas, but yes, the more poplular the areas, the more they need to be protected from overuse. I don’t think promoting tourism and making a buck from helping the environment is necessarily a bad thing though, as long as it’s responsible, which, I know, is not always the case.

  • I think the ones of you that are “dogging” him are nothing but jealous creeps. He was a true Australian. He has worked with animals since the beginning of his life. Yes, he does advertise and promote tourism. He advertises to make a living and support his family. He also supported tourism to Austrailia and other exotic animal areas. It was his life, his hobby, his passion. Is it wrong to want other people to experience what he did? He wasn’t out for the money and how can bringing people to Australia hurt it’s government. David you are an idiot yourself. You have no idea what you are talking about. You have witnessed first hand the damage done by other idiots like yourself. You never travel huh? You sit in your little country or state and don’t drive anywhere? Everyone is a tourist, moron. Grow up and have some sympathy for someone who risked his life every day to educate our youth. And if you feel that is the wrong thing to do, make our children aware, then I really feel sorry for you. I thought Jake was bad, but you are unbelievable. You all need to have some respect for the dead.

  • I will miss watching this incredible man who would have lived life to it’s fullest, along side his wife and children, I would have loved to watch him continue to thrive and bring new animal frontiers to the public. I would have enjoyed watching him into my twilight years and into his. He brought so much joy to children all over the world, he enriched their minds and promised to aspire them to believe more. My son turned me on to Steve’s Crocodile Show and we had many hours of mystery and fun watching him in his exciting way with the CROCS. I hope to see his wife and children continue his AWESOME WORK. May you Steve, our warrior of sorts, rest in peace. Thank you for your life and your unmatched perspective on life.
    Love Julie and Brandon

  • As australian my heart goes out to steve irwin and his family. May god bless him and his family.

    from joshua south australia.

  • We are all too complacent about our environment and extinction due to habitat loss. It’s too easy to sit around watching your HD TV in your air conditioned house watching “niceâ€? civilized environmentalist that stay far away from animals telling you how great they live, in the wilderness. What wilderness? Most of those films take place in wilderness preserves.

    These animals are dying every day from poachers, from habitat destruction, war and more. There is no time for “nice� shows that lie to us that we will be able to see these animals ever again. The film is all that we will have left if things continue as they have.

    When audiences are mislead like that, there is no sense of urgency or shock, they vote to build even more condominiums and vote down preserves. Now that is real harassment of animals, being run over by cars, their food sources destroyed, their livelihood taken away from them.

    Steve really wrestled with the problem of conservation, and was dangerously close to the problem ironically, and placed himself in harm’s way to make a point, to make us pay attention.

    The alligators in his zoo lived well, bathed in clean water and were better fed than millions of children around the world that are starving today due to environmental devastation and war. These crocks are not really just ambassadors for their own species, educating audiences to assure their survival. They are our own salvation.
    Most people don’t see the connection but if a snake or a crocodile cannot survive in today’s world, after 200 millions years on earth, there is certainly no hope for us humans is there?

    So Steve Irwin was not shouting to us EXTINCTION WARNING WARNING EXTINCTION – he was warning us of our own demise unless we do something.

    Some might think the Stingray got him because he was taking revenge on Steve, but those of us that think there are other forces in nature, of a higher order, might think the Stingray killed him so Steve could make the ultima sacrifice for the sake of our environment and these animals, so we may finally pay attention and take notice. I believe so. We will miss Steve but his message will not die with him.

  • received via email this evening – says it all . . .


    Endless visions fill my head – this man – as large as life
    And instantly my heart mourns for his angels and his wife
    Because the way I see Steve Irwin – just put everything aside
    It comes back to his family – it comes back to his pride

    His animals inclusive – Crikey – light the place with love!
    Shine his star with everything he fought to rise above
    The crazy-man of Khaki from the day he left the pouch
    Living out his dream and in that classic ‘Stevo’ crouch

    Exploding forth with character and redefining cheek
    It’s one thing to be honoured as a champion unique
    It’s one thing to have microphones and spotlight cameras shoved
    It’s another to be taken in and genuinely loved

    But that was where he had it right – I guess he always knew
    From his fathers’ modest reptile park and then Australia Zoo
    We cringed at times and shook our heads – but true to natures call
    There was something very Irwin in the make up of us all

    Yes the more I care to think of it – the more he had it right
    If you’re going to make a difference – make it big and make it bright!
    Yes – he was a lunatic! Yes – he went head first!
    But he made the world feel happy with his energetic burst

    A world so large and loyal that it’s hard to comprehend
    I doubt we truly count the warmth until life meets an end
    To count it now I say a prayer with words of inspiration
    May the spotlight shine forever on his dream for conservation

    …My daughter broke the news to me – my six year old in tears
    It was like she’d just turned old enough to show her honest fears
    I tried to make some sense of it but whilst her Dad was trying
    His little girl explained it best…she said “The crocodiles are crying�

    Their best mate’s up in heaven now – the crocs up there are smiling!
    And as sure as flowers, poems and cards and memories are piling
    As sure as we’ll continue with the trademarks of his spiel
    Of all the tributes worthy – he was rough…but he was real

    As sure as ‘Crikey!’ fills the sky
    I think we’ll miss ya Steve…goodbye

    RUPERT McCALL 2006

  • heyyah how the hell can you say he wasnt a great lost to australia he was a great loss to the whole world. Steve irwin was a true ledgend not only did he love animals he made me realise how wonderful animals are. He was also not a jerk i mean come on the poor guy died doing what he loved doing best, and he had a wonderful kids, and a wonderful wife and a beutiful baby boy. I think you can take that back. He will always be remembered for ever and ever.
    R.I.P steve irwinXxXx
    love jo XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  • from wresling aligators to playing with tigers, he was an insperation to all of us, going to exstreams to show kids
    about the beauty that surounds us, he will be missed .

  • I dont know what to say….. I’m so sorry about Steve and I just wanted to let you know i was a great fan and have watched him on the telly since I was 6. I cried my eyes out when i heard about his tragic death.

    I loved all the episodes and the movie which i thought was fantastic. He was my hero. It is because of him that i am now the proud owner of a beautiful corn snake. Steve has inspired me and i hope to be just like him one day, helping to preserve this planet and protecting its species. It is my dream to work at the Australia zoo. I loved the way Steve respected the world and its animals. I’m going to miss him terribly and there is a giant hole in my heart right now. The world will be less colourful without him. He was a larger than life character and he will be greatly missed by many.

    Yours truly
    Piers Benson
    aged 12, Ireland.

  • hey jerk, i mean, jake!!!!! you need to keep your filthy mouth shut about Steve because you never know…Terri might come on here and read what people have said about him!!!!!!! I for one agree with the rest of you he was a wonderful man and i feel very very very sorry for his family!!!!!!! expecially his wife and 8 year old daughter Bindi. Their son Baby “Bob is going around the house saying “wheres dad, wheres dad wheres dad???” i feel very sorry when he finally understands what happened and then he will cry and then terri will and then bindi will and it is gonna be a very emotional moment for the whole family!!!!!!! and i cant even begin to tell you how bad wes must feel no one is metioning him so i thought i would so……….. you can write me back at [email protected] if you like!!!!!!!!

    with deep sympothy for his family carmen fowler, 14!!!!! god rest his soul!!!! and God bless you terri and family!!!!!!!!

  • you cry over steves family yet thousands of people every day go through this at the moment. all he did was torment crocodiles and annoy this man was a mere celebrity he goes near dangerous animals and thinks he will get away with it. He is wrong and this has been shown(also i think the world has a right to see how he realy died not some jerky videos.) r.i.p steve

  • i was shocked when i heard the news. he wasnt a inspiration to me personally but to many young people he probably was. sometimes on sunday mornings i would happen to catch his show he was funny to me and made me laugh. AT LEAST HE WASNT LIKE THAT IDIOT WHO GOT KILLED BY THE GRIZZILY BEARS NOW THAT DUDE HAD PROBLEMS

  • I can’t beleive people called him stupid for what he did. He didn’t do it for publicty, he did it because no one else would. He tought the world that just because a animal is ugly or scary we don’t have to hate it. He was a very smart man. Maby he took silly risks but he had to prove is piont. I hope you will see he is not a Stunt Junkie.

    R.I.P Steve Irwn

  • i remember watching you when i was only 9 years old. At that time you were not a world wide name or the aussie icon. But you were my icon chasing the goannas in the australian outback. I have watched your generosity shine through over the years and a few years ago shine through your children. You are an inspiration to all. I bought the wiggles “wiggly safari” for my 4 month old son today and i hope his forst words will be “crikey”. If he can be half as genorous and determend as you i will be gratefull. So it is not goodbye steve it is see you later. Maybe when i come up ther you can teach me how to over come my snale phobia. You will be missed. May your legacy be carried through your beautiful family. God bless them through this time of sadness. xoxoxo kylie

  • I’m a 12 year old stve wannabe he was my lfe and now i know why i im here to be the next steve irwin. many think of him as the croc hunter but i think of him as a long lost brother. a brother who made me ME!!

    I’ll miiss you mate. see you later. : (

  • I can’t believe anyone would call Steve Irwin a jerk? He grew up handling wildlife, carrying on the family tradition. It was his life, and he knew what he was doing.
    He can’t be compared to Tredwell, who really just went out in the wild, thinking he could handle grizzly bears.
    My children loved the Crocodile Hunter, and to this day, my son who is now 19, seemed very sad that his childhood “buddy” is now gone.

    Terri, you are in my heart and prayers, and so are your children.
    Be strong, and know that so many will always love “our” Crocodile Hunter!

  • Hi my name is Taylor i am twelve years old and it makes me soooooooooooo sad to talk about Steve Irwins DETH. He died one week from today, but i didnt get the memo till September 7th, 2006. Now they will only show re-runs of the show and thats no fun!!! Well i guess all thats left to say is “goodbye dare mate”

    S!T@E#V$E% I^R&W*I(N)

  • Hi my name is Mary Kate Blackman I am Taylor Blackmans sister. Steve Irwin was the best a catching crockidiles. But to see him getting killed by a sting ray! Now that was another story! I didnt think it was possible to get killed by a sting ray. (until now) I was shocked when i herd the news. My best friend Sydney Bishiop was really upset because he was her idol. (she waas going to become a zoo-oligyst. When anybody talks about it it just makes you so sad. I mean its not that often when somebody comes along and gets killed by a sting ray. Ever science ive herd of the sting ray killing him ive been scared to get into the water when we go to th beach!

    Rest In Peace mate :-(

  • I loved Steve Irwin he was the best show ever. He did so many things that you’d never think he’d die. So it was very shocking to hear that he’s died. I feel very sad for his family and hope they’ll be okay and make it though thier tragedy.

    i’ll miss you mate with lots of love:(

  • Terri, Bindi, and baby Bob,
    Your husband/dad was an inspiration to all homosapiens. You are in the thoughts and prayers of all intelligent and caring individuals the world over. Those who speak ill of Steve are self-loathing, scum sucking jerks who wouldn’t know a good thing if they saw it. Rest assured, the vast majority of the planets inhabitants are aware of how great Steve was and we will all reap the benefits of his legacy for eons to come. Take care and God Bless.

  • I’m sorry… Steve Irwin his death was tragic. I tried not to cry but tears poured out.I’m 12 but not a few years ago I had a dream of his death.But it was little different he was giving me a tour and… He jumped into the ocean full of sharks.Bull,tiger,great whites,and other species of sharks.Then pronounced dead… Now I don’t want to replace him no one can he was one of a kind. When I grow up I want to be CONSERVATIONIST. My deepest of sympathy to his wife,Terri Irwin and his to kids Bindi and Robert(Bob)Irwin.

  • Steve I loved you.I dont know how we will get on without you!
    Terri plz be strong for your kids.Not only your kids but the world.It was a freak accident.I balled my eyes out.He didnt even get to see his life-long dream(seing his take his place).
    Wess I think that person was right you need to be included
    too.I think you were great and would make a great replacement for the croc hunter,not that you could ever do that
    but just for the show.Because the people of the world need
    to see that his show was for a reason,not just to do stunts with animals but to save them.And all you idiots who call him stupid or jerks(mainly Jake)need to shutup ’cause they dont understand.Terri and family I know its painfull for you but plz understand that some people including me would like to see his death. Sincerely,Ashton Short and Terri my heartfelt appology!

  • Steve was a great man,and he died doing what he loved.Terri do what you have to do weather its balling your eyes out or the total opposite.Your a great,great mum so keep it up.We will all miss Steve so much and will support you Terri all the way.And to all the people that work at Australlia Zoo,please make sure that you keep up the good work,and i know it will be hard with out Steve but you cant give up and let the Zoo go,just do what Steve would do.So Steve we know you’ve gone to a better place,well you probably dont think so not since ou’ve had to leave your beautifull wife,daughter and son,and ofcourse everyone at Australlia Zoo and all the animals there.So Rest In Peace Steve and god bless you! =)!

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