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Study: New Technology Does Not Make You Anti-Social

Study: New Technology Does Not Make You Anti-Social

Those who are worried that their kids, loved ones and significant others will become anti-social due to Internet overdose can now rest easy. The latest Pew Internet Study on Social Isolation and Technology shows that contrary to popular belief social networking and online activities does not really affect one’s sociability.

The study explored one major aspect of social isolation – the role that the Internet  and mobile phone play in one’s core social networks. The study categorically states that Americans’ use of mobile phones and the Internet actually leads to a larger and more diverse discussion networks.  This include Americans’ use of Facebook.Other significant findings of the Pew Internet Study on Social Isolation and Technology include the following:

  • the use of the internet and mobile phones lead to larger and more diverse core discussion networks,
  • social media activities whether online or on a mobile phone contributes to diverse discussions among people of different background,
  • Facebook and other social network activities do not lessen people’s social engagement,
  • Internet activities does not affect one’s participation in local activities,
  • Internet use does not make people stay away from pubic places
  • mobile phone use does not affect people’s face-to-face interactions with other people

To sum up the results of the study, Pew Internet has proven that  internet technologies  are not only use for distant communication but equally for local contact as well.

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So, you can stop worrying about your kids, husband and other family members’ internet and social networking activities now.

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  • I can personally attest to the fact that being an internet addict does not make one an anti-social person!

    I’ve been working closely with the internet for quite sometime now. while it is true that I seldom go out with friends for after-working hours drinks nowadays, I still know what goes on with their lives, likewise they know that I am still here for them when the need be. thanks to social networking options we have right now!

    in fact, I made several, new friends over the internet so I don’t believe it affects one’s social life or how we interact with other people.

    great post, by the way! :)

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