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Study Reveals: Facebook Emotions Are Contagious

Study Reveals: Facebook Emotions Are Contagious

Facebook EmotionsFacebook statics expert Adam Kramer recently conducted a study in which he revealed that the emotions of Facebook users directly effect the emotions of their friends.

Kramer examined approximately 1 million Facebook users and 150 million of their friends and he found that emotions can “spread like wildfire” across a members friends list.

The study also revealed that some words were more powerful than others, for example the words “Happy” and “Hug” can leave your friends with likewise emotions for up to three days.

Kramer told the San Jose Mercury News:

“Up to three days later, for people who use more negative words, their friends will also use more negative words,” and“If people  are using more positive words, not only are their friends using more positive words, their friends also will use fewer negative words.”

Psychologists have studied face-to-face interactions for quite some time now, however this new study delves further into how non-voice and visual cues can also spread emotions to large groups of individuals.

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