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StumbleUpon Launches “Widget Creator” For Custom Content Sharing

StumbleUpon Launches “Widget Creator” For Custom Content Sharing

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StumbleUpon on Tuesday launched a new “Widget Creator” which allows bloggers to showcase their favorite content from the company’s website.

Deemed The Widget Creator the program allows website owners to place content in a special box on their own sites. Users can choose to showcase content from certain sites that they choose or they can opt to setup certain topics such as entertainment, technology, music, etc. Other content that users stumble can also be included in the process.

Webmasters can even choose to use the “Favorites” from their StumbleUpon account to create the content that will be displayed in the widget.

The program also allows the header title to be changed by users, for example the widget shown above uses “StumbleUpon on StumbleUpon (A Real, Live Widget!)” however it can easily be changed to anything the user chooses.

The program, much like the Facebook Like button and Twitter’s tweet button is simple to use, just fill out the required information and a line of code is generated that can then be placed within your websites template.

The content may be a way for StumbleUpon to create more traffic for their own website but it’s also a great way to aggregate content for blog and website network owners who wish to share content among their own websites by using the domain option.

The widget could also be used as a way for publishers to form partnerships amongst one another by trading links while gaining much coveted StumbleUpon shares from various users.

Along with simply creating StumbleUpon boxes users also have the option to choose between three different sizes for those boxes, those sizes include a near square at 300 x 250px, a wide rectangle at 600 x 250px and a tall rectangle at 160 x 600px.  With many advertising spots and therefore many sidebars on websites fitting into those sizes implementation of the programs widget should fit well into most website designs.

At this time users are not able to choose different background colors, placement of text in relation to picture or other customization efforts but it’s a nice start and should prove useful if implemented in creative ways by site owners.

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