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StumbleUpon Starts Banning Users?

StumbleUpon Starts Banning Users?

Speaking of successful social web apps in the blogosphere, ReadWriteWeb runs a story about StumbleUpon starting to ban users. Apparently they’ve heard from “a handful of users” that they’ve been banned, without any word from StumbleUpon it seems. The comments adds to the mixed picture that’s being drawn up in the story. Fact is, there’s just not enough to go on to really know what’s happening here.

Do you know? Have you been banned from StumbleUpon, or do you know anyone who has?

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  • My account was disabled and a friend of mine also received this penalty, but we can’t complain as we’ve used Stumbleupon to promote some of our websites.

    But hey, that’s life… Now we must go back to rebuild our Digg acounts :)

  • I know and have heard from people who have fallen victim to being banned from Stumbleupon. In fact, I know Darren Rowse of Problogger once found out that people were unable to stumble anything on his domain for a period of time. This happened with no warning but thanks to his clout and the response from his community, he was able to get it changed.

    Would be nice for SU to come out and tell users the qualifications that would need to be met in order to be banned.

  • So much for SU being a social networking site. I had 7000+ thumbs up given and about 24 of those were to my own blog. My account is now frozen.

    Isn’t social media about sharing things with friends? Thats all I did and still banned.

    SU and needs to define these rules in their rule list before banning people for it. Tell us what we can’t do! And! Don’t call yourselves social media or social netowkring when people can’t share.

    We may as well remove all the SU buttons from our blogs as it is against their rules, even though they provide them, what a double standard.

    You can ask for a thumbs up using their buttons, but don’t ask verbally or typing it. Makes sense. Put our button there to advertise for us and boost our PageRank, b ut don’t dare share a link with your friends.

    SU is stupid for doing this stuff and it only turns people off, look at Digg, gained a great deal of members once Digg went ban happy. Same will happen with SU as soon as someone comes up with a decent clone.

    Thoroughly pissed.

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