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Survey: UK PR companies slowly embracing blogging

Survey: UK PR companies slowly embracing blogging

British public relations companies are still lagging behind in their use of blogging as a communications tool according to the Digital PR 2009 survey carried out by Bigmouthmedia.

Looking at the 100 leading British press and PR agencies, interest in social media and networking has improved over the past year and the number of agencies publishing blogs has doubled.

Even so, overall, only one in five PR consultancies use blogs, and of the agencies who said they’d got new media “covered”, under half published blogs. The most prolific agencies tended to be based in London.

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Bigmouthmedia’s online PR manager Leanne Rinning said, “The PR industry is certainly beginning to come to terms with online PR and social media, no doubt motivated by the proven benefits of digital campaigns, but it is less clear whether the sector fully understands the discipline. It is not simply a case of replicating your offline press releases on the web, but requires specialist expertise and an informed understanding of how people engage with news, brands and products on the web.”

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  • I totally don’t understand why you don’t put a link in your story. Off course I can use search machines, but you could make it you readers so much easier by just providing them with the link where you are getting the information from. Isn’t that what blogging was all about?

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