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Swayable: Social Decision Making With Your Friends Help

Swayable: Social Decision Making With Your Friends Help

Swayable LogoSwayable wants to take away your own ability to make choices and that’s not necessarily a bad idea. The program, developed by Lindsey Harper allows users to upload two side-by-side photos, while giving their friends the ability to vote on which option the user should choose. For example, you could be looking to buy a new barbeque for the summer and by taking photos of both options you are deciding upon your friends can help you choose which barbeque to purchase.

Users can choose to access their Swayable accounts through the web or by downloading an iPhone app (iTunes link). Using the program is then as simple as taking two photos (one of each product) and uploading them to the program as either “Public” or “Private” displays. Users can then share their side by side photos by sharing them with their social networks, by emailing the link to their photos or by sending an SMS that will include a link to the Swayable page. Users can even choose an embed code where their photos will be included directly on their websites.

Note: private pages are only accessible through a URL given to the uploading party.

Friends immediately begin voting on a users choices and in the case of the iPhone app push notifications will immediately be sent to the users phone, while web users can check their results online.

Users will see how many sways each product has received, while their friends, co-workers and family members can also leave comments about each product, allowing for even more help in the decision making process.

Android users will also be able to take advantage of the program once that product is rolled out, in the meantime enjoy the Web and iPhone apps which will develop more functions as users provide feedback to the program.

Here’s a few screenshots of the program in action via iPhone:

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