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Swissmiss Relaunches, Moves to WordPress

Swissmiss Relaunches, Moves to WordPress

Popular design blog Swissmiss is leaving TypePad in favor of the less limited possibilites of WordPress. However, it seems Tina Roth Eisenberg is leaving TypePad a happy customer.

For almost 4 years, Typepad has been my host and blogging platform. They have been nothing but wonderful to me and I am not leaving Typepad out of being an unsatisfied customer.

The redesign launch post talks about new features, such as search functionality (!) and different ways of listing the content. Check out the new and improved Swissmiss for some design goodness.

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  • They moved from a stable platform where they were actually satisfied, to a self-hosted platform riddled with security holes that causes your entire website — your business — to disappear the instant the database daemon has problems.

    I don’t understand that reasoning but it’d be easier and quicker to just pay someone to randomly unplug the Ethernet cable from the server if you’re looking to punish yourself.

  • Having bad experiences with WordPress, do we? There’s no denying that a self-hosted platform is a more flexible choice, but yes, it does mean that they need to tackle more problems themselves, sure. In Swissmiss’ case, I think they outgrew the TypePad platform long ago, so it was probably a matter of picking the hosted solution that offered the best options for them.

  • You’re right, Thord. The new site means more work but so much more flexibility. There is an amazing community behind WordPress and I’m forever grateful for everyone that’s put time into creating such a wonderful platform. Can’t wait to build some more swissmiss goodness! Glad you like the site!

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