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SyFy: It’s No Wii Is It?

SyFy: It’s No Wii Is It?

I don’t really care what the SciFi Channel calls itself, but rebranding itself as SyFy to not alienate people is just plain silly. Most tweeters seem to agree, judging from the search result for the #SyFy hashtag, and here’s the Technorati tag. Science fiction blog io9 offers 25 other names for rebranding the channel, and webcomic Real Life makes a pretty good observation. Penny Arcade is slightly less politically correct, as usual.

I don’t know, maybe they hoped to do a Wii and gain something from all the bad jokes. After all, all the pee jokes proved successful for Nintendo (the Wii prints money), so maybe that’s it? Either way, gotta love the blogosphere for making the most of this thing.

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  • They had to change their name. Forrest Ackerman’s estate was probably ready to sue for royalties since Ackerman coined the phrase “sci-fi”. He died in December 2008.

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