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Syntagma to Launch Photo Business to Complement Network

Syntagma to Launch Photo Business to Complement Network

Syntagma Media announced Syntagma Photographic, what John Evans calls a satellite business around Syntagma Media, a while back. There’s still no website or anything, but that is surely just a matter of time. The idea is to snap photos for the sites in the network, and offer them for sale as well.

All our photos will be flagged Copyright Syntagma Photographic and will be appearing here soon.

We haven’t had a major expansion of the public business for quite some time, so it obviously gives us great pleasure to start growing again in the midst of this dangerous downturn.

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I think more blog networks should shoot their own photos when possible. Creative Common pics from Flickr is all well and good, but original artwork is always better.

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  • It’s always good to be in control of your creatives, Thord.

    We use a lot of shots around the network, wherever possible witty ones that add to the post. They are thin on the ground, so we’re going to make our own and try to turn it into a business stream.

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