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One of Syntagma’s Network Magazines Debuts

One of Syntagma’s Network Magazines Debuts

Called Allusionz, it looks like a nice wrapper and introduction for Syntagma’s art and philosophy blogs. Certainly, the design, courtesy of our own Thord, looks much less garishly psychedelic than what previously graced many Syntagma related blogs — and in fact, looks pretty good.

John Evans details:

The four-post block to left, will be chosen regularly by an editor (currently your truly), and there’€™s a feed from the whole magazine to the right. Graphical links to each section of the magazine ‘€” represented by standalone websites ‘€” are shown below the posts.

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The design looks like it will also be used in at least two of their blogs — er, magazines. John continues: “The template will be used for our other two network magazines : 21st-century Phi (Sciences and Future Technologies) and LifeTimes (Lifestyles and Celebrities) which will be live very soon.”

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