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TechCrunch Forgets Green; Goes White Instead

TechCrunch Forgets Green; Goes White Instead

It’s not every day that a blog that writes about blogs gets written up on a blog writing about blogs. Such is the case right here, right now, when it comes to the TechCrunch redesign.

The gang over TC, who obsessively profile and review new Internet products and companies, have cleaned up their image with a new look. As with most redesigns, the spin is to improve navigation and increase ‘readability.’ However, only a fool would look past the real reason: to sell advertising. And you can’t really fault a business (yes, it’s a blog – but it’s big business) for optimizing ad space.

I’m undecided on the new design. Quite honestly, I need to give myself a few days to adapt before I can share my thoughts. My initial reaction is that it’s almost TOO ‘clean.’ I understand the power of white space, but the site’s header is so bare, that a new reader might have no clue what a tremendous force TC is.

Google and Apple have made white en vogue, but I’m not sold. There’s a fine line between ‘clean and simple’ and just looking like you were too lazy to hire a talented designer.

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I’m on the fence with the new TechCrunch look. What do you think?

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