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TechCrunch’s New Design, Round Two

TechCrunch’s New Design, Round Two

I’ve not much to say on this subject overall, other than to point out that earlier today, Mike Arrington posted someone else’s vision of TechCrunch over at his CrunchNotes blog.

A bit later, Rachel Cunliffe, who did the recent redesign of TechCrunch, posted this on her blog:

I have just resigned as the designer for TechCrunch after the redesign sagas and the latest post on CrunchNotes.

I don’t know the backstory here any better than anyone else – the principals involved know the true story, and really it’s only their business.

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But I am confident that this isn’t the way that you treat your designer – certainly not one with the talents that Rachel has.

Additional thoughts, expressed far more strongly, over at Jack of All Blogs.

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  • I really sense that Mike is doing tremendous harm to his reputation. I have not heard anyone taking up his side on this but I have heard more than plenty who have lost respect for him. This is huge in terms of PR and Mike is losing at the game.

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