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Technorati inks deal with the Associated Press

Technorati inks deal with the Associated Press

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Technorati has inked a deal with the Associated Press to provide blogger tools and analysis right into the AP’s news feeds that they provide to more than 400 newspapers and websites around the globe.

The new tools will show a ‘most blogged stories’ box as a part of the feed that AP’s affiliates receive. An example of the box can be seen in the righthand column of this article.

Technorati has had a similar partnership in place with sites like Newsweek and the Washington Post – but this new deal represents a significant expansion of Technorati’s audience and presence in the traditional mainstream media, along with a significantly expanded local audience for bloggers.

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  • Seriously, how much do you think this helps the average blogger? I think it helps get Technorati’s name out there. Even when things have gone as they should the hit’s from Newsweek have been mild. So in a year when blogs are more acceptable, they’ll be bigger, but the interest in reading on will be smaller. There’s just too much information and too little time as it is.

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