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Technorati updates their Top 100 list

Technorati updates their Top 100 list

Technorati has updated their Top 100 blogs list. Rather than rewrite what I’ve previously written, I’ll just paste in the comment I left on Jason Calacanis’ blog:

hope your reading this as well, but I’ve got to say, what’s the point of updating the Top 100 list when your link counts just don’t get updated. I’ve got the same link count today I had yesterday, the day before and a week ago….indeed since the last time it was updated (for memory about two weeks ago) and even if it was updated your showing me with 1 link 2 days ago and then its skips to a pile of links 6 days ago, where as all your competitors are showing a pile of links incoming for everyday of the week. You can update your list all you like but I’m at the stage now where I honestly dont believe any of the stats on it.
I don’t want to sound like I’m Technorati bashing because I’ve always had a lot of time for the service, but Technorati is still ignoring the fundamentals as well.

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