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Teen launches ScotBlog social network

Teen launches ScotBlog social network

Scott Campbell, a 13-year-old entrepreneur, has launched a new Scottish blog-centric social network called

Aimed at anyone living in Scotland or with Scottish ancestry, it has many of the same features found in other social networking sites such as the ability to create profiles, add friends, join groups, send private messages, and maintain a blog.

The main aim of the website is to create a safe, fun community for anybody to use, from tech savvy users to silver surfers,” says Campbell.

Scott was a runner-up in the 2006 British Telecom Internet Rangers competition.

I’m a little perplexed by the statement in the press release claiming that “the site is one of the internet’s first socially focused blogging sites” as there are other online communities offering similar functions. However, I don’t want to take anything away from the site as, with some decent marketing and word-of-mouth, it could become a good landing place for proud Scots to hang out.

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Google Search Ads has been online for a couple of months, and while its current membership count won’t rival the number of Scottish Facebook users, it’s early days. If you qualify, geographically or ancestrally, you may want to check it out.

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  • This site is great. I know the person who launched it, Scott Campbell, personally. Having a blog there, being a site admin, and the Twitter manager, I think that this is a great site for anyone.

  • So, what’s his edge with other social networking sites?

    There must be something in that site which would make people go there, right?

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  • On your homepage you claim to be the ‘first Social Blogging site.’

    First of all, started in 2007. According to their site ‘BlogCatalog is more than just a social community for bloggers;’ i.e. BlogCatalog is more than just a social blogging site.

    Second, even if i didn’t know about, claiming you are the ‘first Social Blogging site’ is ludicrous as you never know what else is on the net.

    So therefore i call shenanigans

  • @Tiarnan, I understand what you mean, but there is a difference. BlogCatalog is a blog directory where bloggers submit their blogs for inclusion. Scotblog on the other hand is a network of blogs where blogs are automatically included and created from the core application. Check out the article on the definition of a Social Blogging Network.

  • What makes this a social blogging site – how easy is it for users to interact? Does the platform offer IM features or chat facilities? It would be really useful if this is the case – especially for networking purposes – one could really create a selective community of interests!

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