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Teens in Tech Conference: Top Tech Teens Gather in San Francisco

Teens in Tech Conference: Top Tech Teens Gather in San Francisco

The first ever Teens in Tech Conference is January 31, 2009, at Microsoft San Francisco.

This unusual event, the brain child of Daniel Brusilovsky of Daniel Brusilovsky of Teens in Tech and Apple Universe, and his business partner, Sam Levin, will gather together some of the most brilliant teen minds, and former teen minds, in one room to talk web and multimedia technology.

Teens in Tech Conference

This one day event in San Francisco will bring teen and adult participants together with some of the hottest teens and former teens in web technology, development, and multimedia technology. Speakers include:

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There are still some seats available, but the expectation is that this will quickly fill up. Register now. Ticket prices are USD $20 – 30 for those under 18 and those over, respectively.

The Twitter account to track for the Teens in Tech Conference is . The hashtag is #teensintechconf.

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  • I’ve been following Daniel for awhile now on Twitter and heard him mention this conference on WordCast. That guy is definitely doing some cool and good things with tech.

    • Hasn’t Daniel been on your show, Jeff? He’s a delight. I’m so excited about the work he is doing to bring teens together to meet with other great thinking teens, and showing off the kids who have grabbed onto the Internet with everything they have and changed how we use it. Facebook applications, video blogs, Twitter, social media exchanges, tools, and networks, these kids are rocking our world and it’s important we pay attention to them, but also that we help them as much as possible. I’m really excited about this conference and what will come out of it.

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