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Textpattern Announces 4.3 RC, Still Silent On The iPhone Front

Textpattern Announces 4.3 RC, Still Silent On The iPhone Front

Textpattern (considered by some to be WordPress’s true rival) is launching their release candidate (aka RC) in order to purge the CMS of any bugs before the official launch.

The first release candidate of Textpattern CMS 4.3.0 is ready for boarding. Please make your way to the departure lounge and download a copy. Report any unexpected baggage on the Issue tracker or forum to help us build a high-quality final release. (Official Textpattern Blog)

New changes with the CMS include a new logo, image tags, support for note lists, definition lists, etc., as well as a new start button for Textpattern plugins. Users are also reporting very few bugs (which means we could see 4.3 sooner rather than later).

Unfortunately Textpattern has been ominously silent regarding the iDelimma, which is causing some users to ponder switching to WordPress (the latter whose iOS app now supports video uploading).

What’s the current status of the iphone app project? Unfortunately it’s somewhat of a deal breaker between TXPand WP for me.

And I’d really, really like to go with TXP. (sare)

Still waiting for the core developer’s answer to media upload through the RPC server. (keoshi) (via Textpattern forum)

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The Textpattern founders silence is odd considering how “chatty” their rivals are about smartphone apps.

Despite obvious demand and developers willing to code for an app, the founders have yet to show any affection towards the iDevice which could convince even more Textpattern fans to join the WP faith in the near future.

While Textpattern has the passion and talent to challenge WordPress for CMS supremacy, their lack of mobile presence could regulate Textpattern to the sidelines, making the platform irrelevant to businesses, geeks and non-profits (many who enjoy editing their site while on the go).

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