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The 7′ 2″ Blogger

The 7′ 2″ Blogger

Plenty of famous people blog, most of them not as tall as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The 50-year old retired NBA star will clank away at the keyboard (or his assistant will) for the LA Times. Among the topics he plans to cover: Black history, sports, entertainment, fitness, and politics.

The legendary #33 wants you to know that he’ll be “writing these blogs myself and only have help uploading them.”

Expected to blog five days a week, I wonder how much the man who once played a pilot in Airplane! is being paid for his thoughts.

One thing’s for sure, it’s a lot more than you or I get for freelancing. But at least we know that the former center will offer a fresh perspective.

“I’ve just recently become familiar with blogging and have never blogged before, nor read any blogs.”

Really? Never? Not even BlogHearld?

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I am personally extending an invitation, Kareem.

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