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The Australian caught out by Defamer joke

The Australian caught out by Defamer joke

Australia’s only national newspaper, the News Corp owned The Australian has been caught out reporting as fact a joke by the Gawker Media owned Defamer that reported that Mel Gibson was set to direct a mini-series on the Holocaust for the American ABC TV network with “the visionary Gibson’€™s breathtaking pitch for the miniseries’€™ climactic scene, a Braveheart-style battle with thousands of Jewish and Nazi combatants rushing at each other across an open field.” I remember reading the hard copy of the Oz yesterday and thinking that I don’t recall anything like this in my readings of WW2. Heads to roll at the Oz perhaps?

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  • How embarrasing is that! A major national broadsheet getting caught out like that – something that 10 minutes (if at all) of research would have sorted it out.

    Me thinks The Aust should hire some bloggers … I’m sure Duncan and I would accept a high-paying consultancy in this regard ;-) to research their stories or at least vet them … heck, better yet get some bloggers to actually write some stories – might bring some spark back into traditional journalism.

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