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The Best Planners for Productivity

The Best Planners for Productivity

best productivity planners

It’s not too late to grab a new planner for the new year. 2023 has just begun and having your schedule in one place is key to staying organized. Whether you are a type A planner, or simply trying to stay on top of things a bit more this year, this list is for you. Writing things down tends to stick more than typing or using an app which can help tremendously with productivity. Here are 6 of the best productivity planners to keep your new year organized including 5 semi-budget-friendly options and 1 splurge option.

Budget Conscious

  • Erin Condren LifePlanner 

Erin Condren is known for keeping an arm’s length away from cookie-cutter planners, meaning hers are customizable, yet still simplistic. You can choose from horizontal, vertical hourly, or standard vertical layouts. You can also personalize the medal on the coils, and add your name or initials to the cover. The covers themselves come in all kinds of prints and colors, including a custom upload option, with the price varying depending on the design.

  • Rifle Paper 17-Month Planner 

Rifle Paper comes out with a new print each year, and their 17-month planner is always a hit. It is doubled-spined with coils and a hard spine to make it extremely durable as well as an elastic band to hold the opening together. This year’s botanical print is beautiful and features plenty of extra pages for notes as well as stickers for any special occasion.

  • Papier Daily Planner

With tons of choices in color and a simplistic layout, Papier makes a minimalist planner’s dream come true. There are monthly and weekly views as well as yearly views at a glance for both 2023 and 2024. While the original daily planner comes in a ( size) size, many of the colors also come in a pocket size, which measures ( ). There are not any customization options, but the success of Papier has come from its simplistic design.

  • BlueSky – Weekly Planner by Day Designer 

Typically “Day Designer” planners are over $60 but this BlueSky collaboration is only $35, keeping it extremely budget-friendly. It has hourly lined blocks for weekly pages as well as lined blocks for monthly views to keep your activities and appointments organized and clean. Like many other BlueSky designs, the Day Designer collaboration comes in a pocket size. There is only one design in the collaboration with BlueSky, but the Day Designer site has many more at a higher price point.

  • Rocketbook Fusion Plus Planner

If you love putting pen to paper, but do not love the constant need of buying new planners or notepads, Rocketbook has a solution. Their Fusion Plus Planner is reusable and can be wiped clean with water and a microfiber towel, which they include in the planner purchase. The design of the planner has monthly and weekly views, motivational pages, and plenty of space for journaling note-taking, or doodling. Though you are unable to look at a full year at a glance, you can download the Rocketbook app to upload your notes that way you never lose them once you run out of room and need to “restock” your Rocketbook.

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  • Smythson Soho Agenda in Panama

If you are looking for one of the best productivity planners at a luxury cost, Smythson has you covered. The Soho Agenda in Panama features a leather cover with gold lettering and a ribbon bookmark. It is sleek and small enough to fit in your tote, briefcase, or purse. Yet it’s also large enough to not feel fenced in while doing your planning. The Soho Agenda gives enough room within its pages that are filled with a horizontal page view to the left. Plus, a notes page to the right to fill at your own discretion. There are 6 colors, all solid, to choose from. To have it shipped to your door it will cost around $300 with shipping included. This planner is definitely a splurge, but the best luxuries are.


No matter what your planning style is, or what you want it to look like, this list of best productivity planners will put you in the right direction to stay organized in 2023. From the basics to luxury, there is without a doubt a planner to help you this New Year.

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