The Blog Fuhrer

“Some people might conclude that I am a Blog Fuhrer. Yet, I am not setting myself as a leader of any movement; I do the opposite of a blog fuhrer, I ask questions about sacred cows, I challenge the status quo, my prequisite is to “write big, write original” to motivate thinking rather than criticism, I don’t fear the mighty wrath of groupthink or fear upsetting the political correct crowd (a concept that is the greatest rebuke to the individual spirit).”

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  • Thanks to the editor at Blog Herald for quoting from my blogs-of-sort “The Blog Fuhrer”. Appreciate the mind meld. There is a girl in China who thought I meant Fuhrer as “leader”, but I mean Fuhrer in terms of “voice”, this blog is about finding and listening to your own voice rather than following a Blog Fuhrer. Ironic isn’t :-)

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    (Mark Twain wasn’t Mark Twain, Mark Zorro isn’t Mark Zorro)

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