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The Blog Herald to cease publication in 2036 due to gigantic wave

The Blog Herald to cease publication in 2036 due to gigantic wave

Yep folks, terrible news, in 2036, when I’ll be 60 years old I’ll have to cease writing The Blog Herald after 33 long years, because according to a number of blogs, the earth will be struck by a very large rock: Apophis, a 390-metre wide asteroid. According to reports, the asteroid has a 1 in 5,560 chance of hitting earth, but I’m sure I’ve backed dogs at the Mandurah Greyhounds with longer odds, and they’ve won, so now I’m preparing to build my bunker.

Coverage at Bloggers Blog, Boing Boing, Delaware Watch (naturally it will hit the United States, all asteroids do…), Huge Entity, who asks the appropriate question: what will you be doing when the earth is wiped out, Blogs of War and Mosnews.

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  • Can we do anything about it? You bet we can…

    Learn to play the banjo. Take peppermint Rye-Kee Shee-At-Zoo relaxation therapy and oodles of Ag-nasial I&I-drop suppliments, eat no kind of frozen portion, and floss. Good planets are real hard to find, so enjoy the one you got while it’s here. Call your ma. Do an anonymous kindness for your better half, another for a total stranger. Having all the best toys is useless when they all spontaneously combust from a global Wormwood shockwave. You should be diggin’ it while it’s happenin’

    One thing you will just have to get used to is hearing news of a possible collision; we have only started funding the projects to look for these things since Hollywood took an interest with Armageddon, and we have only just recently turned on a bunch of new toys to do automated sky surveys. There are also some new (and very clever) amateur projects co-ordinating multiple telescopes to detect these criters, one of which plans to network dozens of ground based machines around the world. You may remember a few years back the 2028 doomsday story — consider them good ghost stories, then go back to work.
    [ TeledyN: Stop worrying; love the rock ]

    In light of recent oxytocin research, I’d add another: Hug your kids too.

  • According to my calculations April 13th 2036 is a Sunday, not a Friday, so thats the superstitious Friday the 13th out the window, lol, its only a 5500-1 chance of hitting us anyway, that all depends whether it changes direction in 2029 when it passes us, aparently missing us narrowly by only 600,000 miles!
    You cant rule out the the superstition nonsense though, if i recall correctly the Nostradamus writings (which supposidly tell the future in its own little way) stop at a date around 2030 ish, allthough i cant be sure.
    I dont really believe in superstition unless i have actual proof, gets the mind thinking though, i think we as humans will find the perfect strategy against a collision, and being so far away from now we have time to determine what to do. Aparently better calculations can be made in 2013. Till then the mind runs wild, lol

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