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The Farmer and the Blog

The Farmer and the Blog

Perhaps you have noticed a new online trend: blogging farmers!

In decades past you would never picture a straw-chewing, overall wearing, up-at-the-crack-of-dawn agricultural guru sitting down in front of a computer to Tweet about a lack of lactating cows on this particular morning. But it happens.

A growing number of farmers are blogging and using social media tools, not just to help them sell goods, but to communicate with one another. This new model breaths life into sustainable agriculture, something that our future – irrespective of where you live – depends on.

One such blog that is getting some press is
A Dairy Goddess’s Blog
– a Website written by a third generation dairy farmer who wants to share where your dairy products come from.
Here are a few other agricultural-based blogs to check out. Have some to add? Make your recommendations in the comments section below.

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  • Please forgive me upfront. I can tell by your vivid description of a farmer that you grew up watching Green Acres, and really don’t know how intelligent, and forward thinking the agricultural community is these days. Farmers have been using GPS to mark, record and plow fields long before most people had them in their cars. And computers? That’s how they know how to tie weather forecasts and planned field activities. And don’t forget how farmers use computers to track crop prices and commodities. They have huge investments out there in the barn and fields.

    Thanks for letting us know about the blogs. That’s really cool.


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