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The first “blog diss track” released

The first “blog diss track” released

The first “blog diss track” has been relesed. From Phillabuster via email:

I and my associate at BadmintonStamps, a music blog, have been on the recieving end of what we consider to be a grievous social snub by another blogger. In the wide-eyed, optimistic era of “Let’s all link to eachother”-dom, we consider oursleves to have now developed a major e-beef.

In response, we’ve produced and posted the world’s first-ever blog diss track.

To get the full story and download the track, check here:

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If East/West Coast disputes and gangsta rap violence can capture old media headlines, we feel this sort of thing is prime material for new media headlines (or at least a small write up in the gossip section)

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