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The Luddite in the Communications Company

The Luddite in the Communications Company

Ive marked this post Satire-Humour because its so sad, its funny. David Murray of Chicago Communications firm Lawrence Ragan Communications has posted an article that is either an attack bordering on libel against a blogging collegue, or an official position of luddite head in the sand from a company that doesn’t like to communicate. Read it here. Some of the gems include
“If blogging is such a powerful medium, then it probably doesn’t need a gaggle of bloggers blogging about how big a deal it is.”
“Good Blog, man, get a hold of yourself!”
“…communicators don’t need geeks like Hobson whipping them in the behind while whipping themselves into a lather. Or should we say, a blather?”
Be sure to share the love with Mr Murray at [email protected]

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  • He’s right, of course. Blogs will (and are) selling themselves. Thus, we do not need to beat our chests like a bunch of apes in the jungle. Those who do risk looking like fools, or worse, desperate for attention egomaniacs.

  • The trouble with David Murray’s article is that it was dressed up as balanced commentary, which it clearly was not. I’m the blogger who was the focus of that emotional rant. Naturally, I blogged a concise rebuttal. What’s far more interesting, though, is the thoughtful commentary published by Shel Holtz in response to Murray’s rant which has created a still-developing discussion on his blog.

    Actually, Murray has done a great service by ensuring this topic gets onto the discussion agenda of business communicators.

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