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The New Blog Herald Design: Navigation (or, how do you read this thing anyways?)

The New Blog Herald Design: Navigation (or, how do you read this thing anyways?)

This is the first in a series of posts over the next week or so about the new design of The Blog Herald.

Our design is being done by Chris Pearson, who recently completed the redesign of Text Link Ads, and who had previously designed Biziki and many other sites.

Chris is the author of a recent post that has gathered alot of attention – How much should a design cost?, which we profiled this weekend.

Today’s topic: Navigation (or, how do you read this thing anyways?)

For those of you that read this blog regularly… how do you read the blog?

Do you skim it in a newsreader?

Do you come to the page every day?

Do you use the archives?

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Do you prefer a brief summary on the mainpage, and then click through to the full article?

Do you prefer to scroll down 8-10 posts each day and read them in full?

How do you read and navigate through The Blog Herald?

Chris and I will use your feedback as he fleshes out the design in the days to come.

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  • I subscribe to your RSS feed through bloglines. I have it set to show titles only. When I see something that catches my eye I will expand it and read the summary. If it’s something I want to read fully, then I will open it into a new tab in Firefox.

    All my interaction with your site is through RSS.

  • Truthfully I unsubscribe a long time ago. Now mind you I don’t read any of my feeds. And I visit about 4 times a day or so. Cuz I’m a blog nut. So minimize the scroll factor. But clicks are ok.

  • I too scan the headlines (and summary content summary) from inside my Bloglines and if it’s interesting or I just want to read the full article, I then click on the post and come here. After, I usually just click on the top masthead banner and scroll down the front page, instead of going back to my bloglines. >> When’s the E.T.A. on the new redesign?

  • I’ve got Blog Herald both on My Yahoo and Bloglines. I read the posts on my newsreaders and sometimes click through to reach your home page and read more post

  • Skimming through content summaries in Bloglines (of course, a full text feed would be great) is my primary means of interacting with this site. I rarely come over unless it’s something I haven’t read elsewhere.

  • I have The Blog Herald in my Google reader and read the headlines that sound interesting. I read alot of blogs so this is the quickest way for me too get through all of them everyday. I am also a regular reader so the right side navigation and ads are oblivious to me. I think I would be more apt to click on some ads if they were within the main content area.

  • I subscribe via Newsgator and only click to the webpage if i am interested enough to read the full article. I’d much prefer to be able to read the full article via feed.

  • I subscribe via Bloglines, and click through when a post catches my eye. While I’d prefer to read the full articles through the feed, I certainly understand why you wouldn’t make that an option, and I don’t mind clicking through.

  • I actually come to and scroll through the entries to see what’s going on. I never really use the archives, since I check in regularly, but they do come up every now and then when I do a Google search. You definitely need a better and clearer menu than the small text in the right sidebar. Keep up the good work, guys!

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