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The Places to Find Free Premium WordPress Themes

The Places to Find Free Premium WordPress Themes

To create a well-designed WordPress website, focusing to find premium WordPress elements may be a priority. But can bloggers find free premium WordPress themes, plug-ins, and add-ons for their websites? The simple answer is – yes!

Maybe a decade ago, good, reliable resources are hard to come by. To the point that bloggers have developed a “we-get-what-we-pay-for” mindset. We think that if we get anything for free, we compromise quality and experience. We think that free WordPress stuff means many things. This can be hidden broken links, minimal to no customer support, no regular updates, bugs, and errors galore!

But, we do have to give generous creators credit. Why? There are so many premium-like WordPress themes available for our use now – as long as you know where to look.

While most of these premium WordPress themes are offered for a fee (at a site like ThemeForest), there are some free premium WordPress themes out there. Most of these themes don’t have hidden or shady advertising. Also, they still promise regular updates to decrease errors or compatibility issues.

Here are some of the best sources for Free Premium WordPress themes on the internet:


WooThemes, a plug-in and commerce platform, offers several great free WordPress themes. They offer a variety of themes for several different purposes, from a simple blog to a photography portfolio.


Themefreesia is a great WordPress theme library because it has a theme for a blogger’s every need. There are themes for magazine layouts, e-commerce websites, personal blogs, fashion pages, lifestyle blogs, and more. A lot of the free themes are compatible with third-party providers and are up-to-date with the latest technologies. Lots of the free themes are compatible with the Gutenberg block editor. This website also offers free plugins to help bloggers build impressive WordPress sites.


Not only does this website offer free premium WordPress themes, but they also have blog entries. These blog entries feature the best of their collections and even reviews for some.

Nice Page

Nice Page offers hundreds of themes that allow styling for colors, font, and typography. Other than these aesthetic customizations, NicePage also has themes where the layout can be edited. These are good customizability features that bloggers will surely love.


Looking for a collection of free, responsive, premium WordPress themes? EnvoThemes have hundreds in its collections. Their themes are compatible with third-party platforms like Elementor, Beaver builder, Brizy, and more.

Great Premium-like WordPress Themes to Try:


When we say Premium-like WordPress themes, we mean lightweight and fast. The most premium-like feature of this WordPress theme is its high customizability. Any blogger can use this WordPress theme without breaking the bank. A plus is its hassle-free use! Astra is pretty much what a lot of experienced web developers will recommend for any blogger building a code-free website.

Image Source: Screenshot


One of the best competitors of Astra, OceanWP is also a highly-recommendable premium-like WordPress theme. It is highly customizable, fast, and accessible.

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A promising open-source theme that has all the essentials a blogger needs for their website. What is impressive about the GeneratePress free theme is its high performance that would surely wow your website’s visitors.

Image Source: Screenshot


Thinking of a theme that will look great on any display, even mobile? Neve is a good pick. It is a multi-purpose theme that is great for any purpose – blogs, businesses, e-commerce shops, and more.

Image Source: WordPress.Org


If you are looking for a WordPress theme with parallax effects, Moesia is the best one for you. Parallax features in websites are not easy to create. We should thank our lucky stars that there are so many generous developers out there that are willing to share premium-like themes such as Moesia.

Image Source: WordPress.Org

Additional tips to find free premium WordPress themes

No matter where you decide to get a free premium WordPress theme, pay attention to the website designed where it is offered or published. Also, make sure that the free theme you are downloading is not pirated copies or nulls. If you can’t find what you are looking for, it may be worthwhile to pay for a WordPress theme. This will bypass any of the hassles that could come with downloading a free theme instead.

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First published in 2013; updated February 2022

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  • Thanks for these lists. It’s about time I changed my theme – I always used free themes and modified them. I am still using some of those black and white free woothemes on some of my blogs.

  • I’m sorry but there is no proof the free WordPress Themes are better or worse than paid or premium. This is a myth.

    In the early days, many so called premium Themes were stuffed with malware and spam links.

    Themes from the official WordPress Theme Directory, paid and free, are vetted by Theme Reviewers. That is the single safest place for quality WordPress Themes. The places you have listed have a decent reputation, too.

    Please do not perpetuate the unqualified myths of free WordPress Themes as it trashed the reputation of too notch web designers and developers,releasing portfolio work and giving back to the WordPress Community.

  • Good post, thanks for that!
    You are absolutely right, there is so many themes that you can get for free that you shouldn’t really pay for it.
    Of course I’m talking about free (LEGAL) Themes, that are not stallen from anywhere. When downloading always make sure you get a licence free theme from legitimate source, for example this place does freebie of the week and I got myself brilliant magazine theme and also some HTML5 templates.
    Cheers, Andrew

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