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The Politics Of Elections 2012: Who’s Dominating Social Media? [Infographic]

The Politics Of Elections 2012: Who’s Dominating Social Media? [Infographic]

Social media VotingFacebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, there are literally hundreds of platforms that Republican and Democrat candidates can utilize for the 2012 election cycle. While President Obama dominated the social media spectrum in 2008 this years elections have demonstrated a more acute understanding and implementation on both sides of the political spectrum.

The team at Viralheat put together in infographic that showcases not only the number of people supporting each political party but also candidate information.

As the infographic shows there is a new virtual tie when it comes to “Share of voice” on social networks” while the type of networks being utilized differ with President Obama dominating Facebook and Pinterest while Mitt Romney holds his own on Twitter.?

While President Obama still controls vast swaths of Facebok and Pinterest the Republicans now control an estimated 51.26% of the “social voice” compared to the Democrats who control 48.74% of the social voice.

The infographic does not include specialized events such as President Obama’s aMa on Reddit earlier this week.

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Here’s the infographic, take a look and let us know if any findings surprise you:

Political Party Social Media Domination In 2012

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