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The Redner Group: How Not To Promote Clients On Twitter

The Redner Group: How Not To Promote Clients On Twitter

Duke Nuken 3DThe Redner Group represents various clients with a mix of real-world and online PR but the company showed this week that they don’t have full control over their PR business.

On the company’s official Twitter page veiled threats were made against reviewers who dared to give Duke Nuken bad reviews.

According to the company’s original message, which has since been deleted:

Redner Group Duke Nukem Review Blacklist

After the Tweets were removed an unnamed Redner employee came forward to publicly apologize for their “personal emotions” getting involved with the release of the game, while ensuring 2K game reviewers that games would of course be sent out to them as they are made available.

Here is the employees apology which occurred in three separate Tweets:

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Redner Group TweetRedner Group Tweet 2Redner Group Tweet

And that ladies and gentlemen is how not to use Twitter to promote your clients. I have a feeling one employee is already typing up a new resume this morning.


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