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The Register, Scoble, his dog, and more!

The Register, Scoble, his dog, and more!

Looking for a good Friday spat between grown men over the Google Toolbar? Go no further than the growing stoush between el Reg, also known as the Register, and Microsoft uber-blogger Robert Scoble.

It all starts in with Andrew Orlowski accusing Microsoft of blocking competing toolbars out of Internet Explorer 7, which has just been relesed in a beta version. Scoble fires back with a denial and an attack on Orlowski over what Scoble believes is dodgy reporting.

But just to add in some more color and excitement to the piece, Scoble is them seemingly duped by a Otto Z. Stern, who happens to also be Scobles dog according to his blog here. You’d have thought that a comment saying “what’s a pro blogger” would have been a hint that something is odd, but Scoble seems to indulge his pet without actually having taken time out to see the blog of the person writing.

And then, just some more color, references to Orlowski’s sexuality are made (which won’t be repeated here) by a writer who is said by another poster to be Dave Winer in disguise.

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  • I knew who was posting the comments (hi Andrew) but I try to respond to folks who write in, even if they do so anonymously.

    Just remember, everyone who is anonymous has an agenda they are trying to hide from you.

  • I’ve just posted on the El Reg piece, but I haven’t caught up with Scobeydoo yet. I see I’ll have to do an update, though if it’s all as ridic as you imply, Duncan, maybe not :-)

  • I was the first one who pointed out to Scoble that this article at Register is there and then Scoble start posting about it, but Scoble didn’t credit me…. oh, well, no problem.

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