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The Rise Of Blogging [Infographic]

The Rise Of Blogging [Infographic]

Rise of bloggingBlogging as a platform has been around for nearly two decades and its popularity has only increased.

The team at web printing company Moo has compiled a list of some of the biggest blogging names and services on the planet.

Starting in 1994 when Justin Hall began blogging on, the team quickly pushes forward to modern day heroes in micro-blogging, including Evan Williams and his launch of the network in 1999.

In 2003, gossip blogging becomes big with the launch of gossip network Gawker and Jason Calacanis’s Weblog network.  By 2007, more than 70 million blogs are being indexed by Technorati and that growth has continued.

By 2009, Tumblr alone was hosting 11 million blogs, a number that has increased at a rapid rate over the last four years. 

63% of businesses now operate blogs which typically outline their products, new hires, and other facets of their businesses. There should also be no surprise that WordPress still dominates the webspace with WP 3.5.x making up 45% of the blogging atmosphere with 54.9 million websites using the system followed by with 35%.

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Here is the rise of blogging infographic starting in 1994 and heading through the present:

Rise of Blogging

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