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The Risk of Blogging: Getting Beaten Up

The Risk of Blogging: Getting Beaten Up

Did a restaurant critic get pounded – literally – for something he wrote on a blog? The folks at Gawker certainly intimate that Steve Barnes, a critic for the Albany Times-Union, was a target. The poor guy really got hammered (see pic).

In this day and age of ‘find anyone, anywhere’ blogging, should opinionated writers be packing heat (or at least hiring a blogging bodyguard)?

It’s nice to think that the words we write don’t live in a vacuum, but that same freedom could come with some serious ramifications.

Speak your mind, but proceed with caution. Not everyone was raised as well as you.

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Now excuse me, I’ve got some push-ups to do…

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  • Uh oh…my most recent blog entry is a pretty bad review of a local restaurant…maybe I’ll keep a low profile for a while!

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