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The “Spin Starts Here” nobbled over Delta crucifixion

The “Spin Starts Here” nobbled over Delta crucifixion

Australian satirical blog “The Spin Starts Here” has been driven offline tonight, seemingly nobbled by the Management of singer Delta Goodrem following attacks launched in the Australian media against the site after starting a petition calling for the singer’s crucifixion in a piece titled ‘Make Delta Cross This Easter.’

“Delta Goodrem has made a bomb by allowing her management to exploit her brush with cancer,” said the petition. “She’s also profited greatly from the bad press surrounding her former beau, Mark Philippoussis, and allegations he cheated on her – despite the fact she took up with singer Brian McFadden some time before the break-up.

As any readers of the blog would know, its a satirical site that literally “takes the piss” out of anyone and everything. Whilst the site is not every one’s cup of tea, the attack led by the Murdoch Press (News Ltd) here, here and here, and also syndicated to offline papers such as the West Australian (pg 3) sets a new precedent in Australia for attacking online speech. It seems that not only has the Australian press woken up to blogs, but like their “old media” American counterparts, a number of journalists neither like them nor understand humour.

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  • John L Spencer here.As a result of my omment I have received to date thirteen orders for my recent book ‘Waving Goodbye To A Thousand Flies’, lucky me!!.Thank you readers of fine literature; I love you all J L S.xox.

  • Who is this John Leonard Spencer? never heard of him. An accomplice of mine has his recent title ‘Waving goodbye to a thousand flies,he’s a wanker in Richmond in Vic,won’t send to me, too mean. Anyone know the isbn number. sounds a bit horny drawing from his sordid remarks about Delta, Iv’e been with lots of doggo sheilas worse than Delta. I’d give my left eyeball for a dive into Delta’s flood plain , she’s all mine I must have her. Les

  • Victorian friend infoms me John leonard Spencer,Author of ‘Waving goodbye to a thousand flies’, on request emailed the isbn number, cost of mailing and address to him, I now have it as,isbn 1-4120-3384-5. Aus$26-0. To PO BOX 250 Budgewoi, NSW 2262. JLS has promised to speak with me over the rude remaks I made about him, currently he say’s he’s tied up with grief on hearing of his friends passing, an old shipmate John Howard of Toronto NSW. wot is this geezer the pot or the kettle, my bet is before he found out it was his friend J Howard he was feeling pleased, Condolances to widow John Howard. Lesbo.

  • Hello Jen. But my darling lover Leslie in reality is a warm caring clean wholesome person when not stirring the bucket for a bit of fun. leslie’s genorosity to the oppressed and unemployable is legendry,his budgeting to help those with out , reduced my wardrobe expenditure by half this year.My darling explained it is unecessary to gild a lily.However he does seem to overdo (IT)He is fast asleep in the bedroom at the moment, Oh gosh ! I would hate to revert to a lesser person,He is all man, I am so in love.I will ask him tocontact you if or when he recovers, love Rose.

  • I have been given the boot from the Blog,too distasteful states wanker Parish, Who permits sicko comment punctuated by filthy F C and S Expletives, good riddance to this group nit picking bombed out uneducated creeps. hope this gets up your nose.Les, Aka J L S.

  • Adios Half Wit On the shelf Jen.The over weight Middle aged Bimbo,Professor Of Profanity.Never will I ever Again mention this tart in polite company.

  • It appears I have successfully clogged Their unsavoury thread of thought, they are now in comatose state and bewildered what thread of thought will emerge if they survive.But beware. their credibility has been assessed as 13% lower than a backyard car salesman. and dodgier than a dunny rat with a gold tooth.

  • I would like to state. I am not in colusion with Les Bowyer, who ever he is. and what ever his comment are, John Leonard Spencer. Author of “Waving good bye to a thousand flies”

  • Please no more hate mail,especially relating to Delta Goodrem, she must be a very strong lady, I and others love her.Please, no more smear caz,you and others may become targets your selves if or when you ever achieve a high status profile.

  • I apologise for my sec’s spelling of collusion and even my name. Any suggestions how I can dissociate my clean respectable image from that of Les Bowyer. Why he chose my name to whip up hate mail beats me.

  • JOJO Your comment on troppo armadillo should be cleaned off, it is totally disgusting, likewise your other comments on TSSH. Why Caz permits obscene filth on her post’ The Spin Starts Here’is easy to understand, by reading her own obscene degrading hate and bigotry in her comments. two friends recently had their computer knobledwhile overseas. Caz has all the info on this . call her bloggers.

  • Yes I can but it’s so bizarre and not obviously spam so I feel no need to delete it: in deed it is not suprise that TSSH readers would create such banter in my comments, in deed it’s flatering to see they are visiting!

  • Good heavens, what else have my son nephew and their four eyed friend been up to during my absence, while in the UK, this is totally preposterous. I am in denial of this disgusting and degrading concoction of filth and lies, this is absolute codswallop. My sons allowance has been stopped for three months while awaiting further investigation. What is the World coming to?

  • Well, what are you waiting for , an Enccore, just get rid of this garbage above.

  • encore encore viva viva standing ovation, what more. Get rid of this garbage.

  • All i can say is it’s about time. This depraved society had had its moment and it had decided to stay way past it’s welcome. To attack people in the public eye, while they remain hidden is not only cowardly but very sad indeed. The people of TSSH lack both intelligence and the ability to just chill out when they see something the don’t like. They are obviously unemployed dole bludgers sponging off society to pay for their sad addiction. Maybe they can finally get a proper job and a life and stop wasting people’s time. For anyone who has been made to feel bad about themselves by this pathetic excuse for a website, please feel better about yourself by LAUGHING AT THESE LOSERS!! To the bastard Hack and that dumb whore Caz go get back in the dole queue and take better care of that thing you call a baby. Hey, you’ll probably realize that you now have to do a thing called “Working For A Living” and you’ll probably finding it hard since you’ve never done it before in your lazy arse lives.

    Suck Sh!t Losers!!

    Thankyou so much to the people who finally got them off the net!!

    P.S. Caz, you LOSER, learn how to write a fucking HAIKU, it is NOT that shithouse long poem you wrote but something which has 5 words for the first line, 7 for the second and 5 again for the third. They teach that in school you know, but i guess you did flunk kindy you dumb bitch.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble Alessandra, but TSSH is actually still happily talking crap online as I type and have been back online for some time (were they ever actually off???).

    In any case, you seem to feel quite passionately about them, seems kind of personal! Did you get stung over there? Ironically, your post will please Caz and co. no end, though you might end up with a hernia or worse if you fail to lighten up.

    I don’t like everything they have on their site but sometimes they’re funny and certainly worth a look – a good guage on what’s going on in Oz currently.

    Still, at least you were on topic!!! :)

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