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The Web: The World’s Largest Orphanage

The Web: The World’s Largest Orphanage

I often find that folks who would like to believe that blogging and Tweeting are just “passing fads,” will point to the extremely high abandon rate of both mediums.

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the volume of people bailing on Twitter after a mere Tweet.

However, this is what we do – we bail! Whether it’s a TV show, a movie, a book, a conversation, etc. – and these are leisure activities – we bail! Many people fail to realize at the onset that blogging and Tweeting is hard work. (OK, maybe not rocket science but it is time consuming.)

Likewise, we also follow. It’s how most humans are built. So to hear that 10% of Twitter users are driving 90% of the content is not surprising. Who controls most of our money? Our politics? Our religion? Fashion? The Digg homepage?

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Small groups will always drive the bus.

Now fess up…are you a bad parent? Have you recently orphaned your blog and/or Twitter account?

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  • I totally agree – and even blogged about the same topic recently – it seems bizarre that so many people ignore the fact that the Pareto Principle was based around 20% of the cause of something leading to 80% of the effect, whether that’s land ownership in Italy, or business revenue from customers.
    The internet gives the ability to anyone to self-publish – it doesn’t ensure everyone actually self-publishes, or becomes successful doing it!

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