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ThingLink Bringing Interactive Images To Facebook

ThingLink Bringing Interactive Images To Facebook

Thinglink Interactive Images for Facebook

The team at ThingLink is bringing its specialized brand of interactive images to Facebook.

The Helsinki-based company allows users to create interactive images with its online tool, those images can then be shared in fun and unique ways.

Using the program, users can place links inside of multimedia content. Once added to a users timeline, ThingLink creates a new type of interactive photo that engages the curiosity of users. 

ThingLink CEO Ulla Engeström tells PRWeb:

“Images are becoming forums for conversation and discovery that include sharing, touching, commenting, and remixing rich media content created by others.”

Users can insert image links to music and videos, websites, and social profiles. The program works by pointing different icon types to different types of content.

Once images are created, ThingLink then providers users with analytics so they can determine how well their new interactive images are engaging with customers.

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Other than GIFS, the use of images has long been considered a headache. In the past ,a simple Alt Text tag was the only way search engines could even read images. ThingLink, it appears, is changing that “dead weight” perception of the common internet-based image.

Do you plan on using ThingLink on your Facebook timeline?


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