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This is a personal BLOGvent

This is a personal BLOGvent

As of recent, an abundance of ideas have been overwhelming my cognitive behaviour in such a way that for me to move forward with these ideas I need to ask other people for help in the form of a mutually wanted and beneficial exchange. In the past at entering this realm of flux, a general life anxiety tends to emerge. Many of us have mental health concerns that are as alike in physicaql presentation as some common physical ailments are mentally. I think the ideas or the learning curve begins overlapping the ability to function in the present. Can’t get them out fast enough’€¦ Once I feel confident with learning the initial stage of whatever medium I am pursuing I want to learn more instinctively. Really, this is upsetting with some mediums I have encountered. More times than one I have become impassioned by the paint brush or pen. As an adult, it seems the learning curve slows but the ideas persist. Perhaps this slowing is due to the not being able to focus on say 10 areas. Never mind one, because that would discount stimuli; the fuel.

9.jpgI don’t know about you but I have become drawn to the internet to continue learning and practice my trade. This learning has lead to a belief, that I am not alone upon discovering one can actually make a living doing this. Blogging is an art-form that needs more coverage offline. The lovers of art of the world really don’t know this. They could though but are merely humoured by it because it is free somehow?

Making a living is a full-on broad spectrum phrase mind you.

So ideas. They are twinned in similarity with others around the globe except those, the ones, bloggers need the most. All bloggers are people who are going towards the same goal as you except they are of a different area or expertise in practice. The largest contributing factor to NOT launching new artistic ideas is because a lot of us CAN’T program them. Dammit! I fizzle and fuzzle with these ideas on paper, digitally on donner on evening on fodder and yonder. The other antagonist is money. An anomaly exists: we artists usually are sitting on a wealth of personal artwork.

03_blogvent_jessica.jpgLike-minds seem to join together freely and wantonly online. How beautiful is that? I couldn’t trade having the ability to converse with artists of all kinds on the net. Impressive to me more, has been the ability to speak to many other trades-people, business professionals and full-on rock-stars within their own career choice in turn, educated me to a level of comprehension where I can talk your talk. But that’s it folks. I can only talk your talk NOT walk your walk. I don’t code theme after theme. I write and draw and garden and code out of necessity.

I live in the real world (offline) through barter and contract. I thought about posting this many times to craigslist or ebay or etsy or any other social-sharing-sites; truthfully this feels unreal to me. It’s not what I do. I write.

Arriving to a place where indecision flourishes flatly says to me that help is needed. But man this is the spot, in that place, where it can get all fooey, fiercely so in my mind. Humorous indeed, quite matter a factly it’s outrageously funny that one could not actually have the courage to ask for help when she needs it most, is utterly ridiculous. Ha. I am always open to suggestions but in this case I don’t want any unless you can do one of the following.

Develop a theme for me from what I can describe through image, voice and written word. If you can describe this back to me from using your theming program language please send me an email. I am primarily an emotion creator. lmao. I am an artist of ideas, expressing them through a plethora of media with the end result being a sensory creation; a piece of artwork. I am probably not unlike you. Do you freaking love to code so much that the results always fascinate you to do more? Seriously? Well say hello to someone of equal fervour in interest and application. Do you like art? I like code but it doesn’t make me tick. It doesn’t get me going creatively. The process kills me. I’m realizing through personal email that I am not the only artist facing this dilemma. But I like the end result. I appreciate coding talent. We need help.

01_blogvent_jessica.jpgI am simply over-saturated with code, widgets, php, servers, down-time, wordpress, blog malfunctions, trackbacks and ping pong balls that I simply cannot fucking hit. Roar! It’s resembling a spiral sphere of will-power not to crack up and join the circus blog. Apparently I’m not very good at organization nor coding. Roar 2 . I am laughing out loud right now. Believe me, I find this character traits malfunctioning at it’s peak when things get to a certain point. That pivotal point. The pivotal point where an artist needs a programmer. I’m hearing it all the time now that programmers need artists. Now that I have defined organization and code as a character trait I feel only apt to share that this is the most surreal experience I have ever had. Holy shit batman. I get to talk to people. YAH! I’ve been shut-up all my life. SCRATCH that please. I have been hiding all my life. I only come out to play when I have lost control of everything… that is, I tend to begin controlling one particular aspect of myself WAY TOO MUCH, to cope with the others. Coping is not creating.

There is a lot of good art on the web. It’s only good, to who sees it. You actually might loathe some art on the web. I on the other hand loathe some code and some art. We are human beings – we all don’t believe in the same things. We are always coming up with opposing ideas to those things. Grand. Best of all, any one of us gets to blog about it. This freedom is spectacular.

There probably is a trading site for artists and programmers while there also exists some artists who are programmers and vice versa. The endeavour of researching code, widgets and themes has overtaken my ability to create and hence publish. I read and read and read all this programmatic plethora of php, html and ajaxian java script only to be left with the inability to implement it. I understand things visually. I can see what scripts do on test sites and demos. OMG! It’s a most stimulating effect to know something can do something but knowing you can’t replicate it nor ad to it yourself using your own creations and ideas is frustrating.

I want to remind people that artists or any blogger for that matter has Creative Commons licenses available for a reason. We want you to use our art as much as we want to use your code.

02_blogvent_jessica.jpgThink about this people. For three weeks now, I have spent 3/4 of my time focusing in areas of great difficulty for me. This fact is taking it’s toll. My daily routine may be structure-less but accumulated time spent doing things repeatedly only to have them spit up, then choke is wearing me down creatively bloggingly. Do you know how to be a creative coder?

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Ideally I think anyone needs to focus on their trade. Blogging is a trade. Blogging encompasses many ideas. The overlap of programmer to programmer collaboration and artist to artist collaboration needs to evolve to include artist to programmer to sales (yes sales) because for the most part, seriously, for blogging to become a fully fledged business the audience must evolve to include not only bloggers. That is how money will be made in the future and is probably right now working many blogs. We’ve really got to work together people, bartering our skills through product exchange, ideas wise, and/or financially.

We artists are real and we love your coding genius. I bet many of us are not alone with our coding inefficiency. I also failed to mention artists are more than likely, very accurate usability testers. Don’t you just love clicking through blogs. I cringe when I get to a page that isn’t working properly not due to server or other unforeseeable circumstances, but due in fact, to a line of code. I know this instinctively now. Any creative mentally OCD blessed blogger would. LOL!

This blogvent is a personal account of focussed blogging gone fooey. Am I alone in this blogging bummer. I know it’s not only artists. It can’t be’€¦

And a personal request… any of you who would like to dig digg this by all means do it. I do not understand. Please do not comment and tell me how to. I have read the Digg-Dugg-Done-how-to in abundance without comprehending the actual implementation part. Not all minds are equal in all respects and that includes interest and the ability to actively learn and contribute to certain areas of proficiency. If blogging has learned me anything it is this: Know your interests, understand your own unique capabilities, continue learning and ask for help when you need it, so your ideas blossom on your blog. If we all did this, blogging could become anything you want it to be and that my friends is all every blogger wants: to be successful in whatever form of successful is/might be to you.

04_blogvent_jessica.jpgMatt and all you other savvy male contributers here on the Herald, this post could use some links. Would you be so kind as to collaborate with me by adding links you feel are relevant to this Blogvent. It might actually be cool. I could ad images to your posts if you wanted them though the expression of a live request. I thought about emailing this to you all. I felt a live edit would be more efficient and creative. The idea is here. Care to collaborate or comment? Collaborative posting… hmmm that’s an idea.

Image credits – All illustrated by Jessica Doyle.
One small edit to this post – changed the fourth image down which I duplicated by accident.

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  • This may be the single handed best post of the year on The Blog Herald.

    A link to an artist who has found a programmer, i hope the programmer doesnt find out. That’s me. I’m just an artist.

    I’m always happy with links so here’s mine:

    In my opinion Digg is fairly unimportant. Just ask the guy at the grocery store if he knows what Digg is. If he says yes. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • Hmm.. I thought some quotes from the movie “Joe versus the Volcano” would be appropriate now..

    Meg Ryan (as Angelica) .. I have no response to that.

    Meg Ryan (as Patricia) .. You mean you were diagnosed with something called a brain cloud and didn’t ask for a second opinion?

    Dan Hedaya (as Mr. Waturi) .. I know he can get the job, but can he do the job? Yes. Yes. I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?

    and finally ..

    Tom Hanks (as Joe Banks) .. I tell you one thing, though. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we’re gonna take this luggage with us!

    As for me .. you are not alone out there looking for that special theme.

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