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Thoora launches real-time news discovery service

Thoora launches real-time news discovery service

thoora-logoThere are plenty of news discovery services online, but over the weekend Thoora announced the public launch of its own service which is supposed to “tear down silos between social and traditional media”.

The free service, which has been in private beta for about a month, delivers its perspective on breaking news based on Twitter, over 81 million blogs, and over 4,500 traditional media sources.

Features include over 25 news subcategories, social media sharing and internal commenting.

Thoora’s CEO, Michael Lee, said that “the strong community support for our platform confirms our core belief that the distribution and consumption of the news is changing, and people are looking for better ways to capture the interesting and diverse voices and content on the social Web and traditional media – not just what a few editors think is important.”

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