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Three-Column Cutline Theme For WordPress Released

Three-Column Cutline Theme For WordPress Released

When Splashpress Media acquired Tubetorial, part of the acquisition was the Cutline theme for WordPress. A creation of Chris Pearson as a “platform” for blog design (and not merely a theme per se), Cutline has grown to be one of the most popular themes for WordPress ever. An estimated 5,000 blogs are currently using Cutline, and is a top 100 Technorati site.

Part of our responsibilities to Cutline users when Chris passed the torch to us is for official support and development of the theme. So Splashpress is announcing the launch of a new variant to the Cutline theme for WordPress, which comes in three columns, with the main content column to the left, and two sidebars to the right.

This was done by Brian Gardner, who says he is also developing further variations to the three-column Cutline (such as content in middle).

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A live demo is available at, and the theme itself can be downloaded from the Cutline blog.

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  • It’s nice to see a 3-column version but I’ve seen the demo and I think it will be better if it’s not too wide.

    Still, this is something to be happy about.

  • With such popular themes, does Technorati rank matter anymore? Cutline just got into the top 100 (no.98) with 3,747 links, and by default Tubetorial as well (no.88) with 4,040. Are these valid reflections of a blog’s popularity? Like with BH, we’re at no.327 with 2,478 links, but my growing feeling is that Technorati is becoming an irrelevant measurement of success.

  • No question that there are other yardsticks to measure oneself by, Mark — and if you’re *just* using inbound links there are some pretty clear confounders, like with themes. In fact, there’s that whole debate around sponsored themes, which tries to take advantage of theme links.

  • Brian did a great job on re-working this theme into three columns. The only thing I’d like to see is there be a sidebar on the left and one on the right. The two sidebars, side-by-side, on either the left- or the right-side just doesn’t “feel right” to me on any theme.

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