Three iconic Springfield businesses announce closure

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"Springfield Businesses Closure"

In a sad turn of events, three local businesses in Springfield – Armbruster Manufacturing Company, Remarkable Resale, and Mosser’s Shoes – have announced their forthcoming closure. Their decision follows years of increasing operational costs and rising competition from franchise businesses.

For 30 years, these establishments have been community icons, offering unique products and services. Residents have been left disheartened by the news. Armbruster Manufacturing Company, known for its superior custom machines, started as a small family venture before growing into a local favorite.

Remarkable Resale, known for its eclectic and vintage items, has been a popular spot for those seeking unique finds. Meanwhile, Mosser’s Shoes has been a reliable supplier of stylish and comfortable footwear for all ages, making its loss particularly unfortunate.

Their departure signifies more than the end of an era; it underscores the difficulties local businesses face amid increasing costs, escalating rents, and the looming threat of franchise businesses. This update paints a bleak portrait of the local business environment in Springfield, stirring concerns about the future of local enterprises within the community.

Mosser’s Shoes, a part of Sangamon County’s retail scene, is among the closures. The Piercy family, who own the business, view this as the end of an important chapter in their lives.

The primary reason for the closure was the hike in rental costs.

Springfield’s iconic businesses face closure

Looking ahead, the family plans to consolidate their business at their fully-owned Champaign property as a cost-saving measure.

Jani Piercy spoke about the unpredictable nature of retail, highlighting their entrepreneurial spirit. They continually re-evaluated their strategies and adapted to market dynamics. She attributed their success in retail to this entrepreneurial approach and dedicates their growth to focusing on customer satisfaction.

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On a similar note, Mike Murphy, President of the local Chamber of Commerce, has expressed dismay over the loss of these long-standing local enterprises. He emphasized the need for residents to actively support local businesses for Springfield’s overall development. He reiterated that every dollar spent locally helps create jobs and drives community development and urged residents to shop locally.

In conclusion, Murphy asserted his commitment to advocating for policies that will protect and foster the growth of local businesses in Springfield, hinting at the bigger picture – Only 25% of new businesses manage to stay operational beyond 15 years, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

This statistic starkly symbolizes the challenging circumstances for small businesses. Sustainability and growth are contingent on overcoming obstacles like poor planning, insufficient funding, and lack of consumer interest. Yet, fostering innovation, agility, and resilience seems to be a robust defense against the uncertainties of the market economy.

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