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Tight ars*d Connecticut Lt. Governor launches a blog on Blogger

Tight ars*d Connecticut Lt. Governor launches a blog on Blogger

In one of the more weird examples of thrifty government, Connecticut Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan has launched a blog, “Let’s Talk Connecticut” on Google’s free Blogger service, complete with a blogspot domain, saving Connecticut taxpayers probably about $30 to $50 a year in hosting fees and $7-9 in annual domain registration charges.

Sullivan is apparently very serious about this foray using the favorite blogging tool of spam blogs world wide according to Public CIO: “Blogging is a very focused way to encourage citizen input and deepen access to state government. More important, it’s one more way to share concerns and listen to the voices of Connecticut, ” said Sullivan.

And folks, it looks like he didn’t spend a cent setting it up either. Mayve the good citizens of Connecticut can have a fund raising drive so he can atleast own his own domain name.

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  • A man after my own heart, Duncan :-) But look at the comments thread. 51 comments for his little welcome post. What’s he going to get when he writes something controversial?

  • Maybe he set himself up on blogger as an effort to really be part of the blogosphere. Cheap or no cost hosting, and lack of a domain name are a major part of the blogosphere. Some of the major blogs don’t even have their own purchased domain name.

  • We have a domain AND many of our (non-profit!) shamanic circle companions use Blogger for journaling, teaching, and projects, linking the weblogs to the pages of our main website here and there. I first started a Blogger blog first, because it was something new to try on the internet, and Blogger was memorably mentioned in a newspaper article.

    Now we have several weblogs at Blogger among us, but only one still has any Adsense on it (just a Google toolbar, and we may remove that), and none of the blogging is automatic. I learned what seems like a lot to me, about templates and code from Blogger for free, just from looking and experimenting with their wide open templates. (It was in the middle of June 2004 that I turned on a computer and connected us up to the internet for the first time, at my middle age!)

    The phrase “using the the favorite blogging tool of spam bloggers world wide” seems to have nothing to do with the rest of the sentence it appears in – unless you really meant to imply through the juxtaposition, that this individual chose Blogger for his “Let’s Talk Connecticut” weblog in part so he could more easily shift intent and focus, and start spam-blogging down the line after the novelty wore off. It sounds to me (and a few of my colleagues here) as if you actually are mocking this man for starting a weblog with Blogger.

    One of the few things I so far DO NOT appreciate about the blogoshere, is the great amount and vast expanse of spacetime and energy spent mocking, insinuating, and ridiculing – and tossing out careless, gratuitous, sarcastic, ad hominem remarks. Of course, I am no major blogger – so far just a piker.

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