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Tim Ferris Buys Twitter Reach For $3/Follower

Tim Ferris Buys Twitter Reach For $3/Follower

Tim Ferris obviously want more followers on Twitter, because he’s “bribing the world” with his $3/follower promise. Problem is, you won’t be getting the money, American public schools in need will, thought Ferris donates $1/follower, and “an anonymous supporter” matches that with another $2/follower, which breaks down to $3/follower. So you’d be doing a good thing, following Tim Ferris on Twitter while this campaign is rolling, which is until 50,000 new followers have been gained. That’s $150,000 for a good cause. And you could always unfollow later down the line.

Should the extra money to the schools not be enough to convince you, Ferris is also doing a competition where you can win a MacBook Pro and some other stuff. Check out his post for more, and do follow him. I will.

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  • Michael, you hate schools that allow everyone to get an education? OK.

    Having said that I’m not completely convinced, though I’m likely to fall for it. :(

  • Public schools are prison daycamps where students learn to read, write, bleed, fight, drink, drug, and do each other; where they are kept off the streets while their fathers work themselves into early graves and their mothers cry as their babies learn to hate them. I never want my children to go to a public school. May their bricks and mortar line the furnaces of hell.

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